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New space for cross-border e-commerce growth has emerged!How should DTC brands go overseas?

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New space for cross-border e-commerce growth has emerged!How should DTC brands go overseas?

2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year for domestic cross-border sellers.A series of events such as global port congestion, soaring cross-border freight rates, and a wave of Amazon account closures have made seller friends miserable.However, a series of official support policies and the achievements of a large number of domestic brands on the global stage have made the cross-border e-commerce industry a hot topic.

Under the changes in the industry, DTC brands have ushered in a new explosive point when going overseas. Looking back at 2021, we found that China’s cross-border DTC brands going overseas continued to raise funds, and overseas DTC brands were even listed together. In the first three quarters of 2021 alone, there were 19 overseas DTC brands were launched.

When the time comes to 2022, what kind of development trend will the cross-border e-commerce industry show?Are DTC brands still strongly motivated to go global?What new profit models will emerge?

From March 18 to 20, 2022, the 2022 China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as the China Cross-Border Fair) will be held again at the Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fuzhou, China.Many cross-border stores, platforms and service providers across the country will gather in Fuzhou to jointly show the world the powerful momentum of China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

At this cross-border trade fair, there will be both well-known domestic brands and popular overseas products, long-lasting best-sellers, and new cross-border products. A large number of high-quality suppliers and buyers will gather here. , and explore cross-border dividends together.

At the same time, in order to better help domestic cross-border enterprises achieve rapid development and expand overseas, this cross-border trade fair will hold more than 20 industry events during the same period, with themes covering industry-finance docking, platform new policies, talent training, logistics innovation, and technology applications. etc. to meet the needs of enterprises at different stages of development.

As a comprehensive service platform dedicated to serving China's pan-Internet companies going overseas, Beluga Going Overseas will make its debut as a co-organizer at this cross-trade fair, and will hold [The future is more than 'billions'] during the event - DTC Brand Going Overseas Forum】.This offline summit is aimed at cross-border e-commerce practitioners, in-depth discussions on the globalization experience of brands going overseas, and discussing the road to globalization for brands overseas. Through the summit forum, we will answer the questions about the trends, opportunities, plans and challenges of DTC brands going overseas.

Event time: March 18, 2022 14:00-16:30

Event format: offline summit

Venue: Conference Room 107, Opening Hall, Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, Cangshan District, Fuzhou

In the past, cross-border e-commerce, which has been growing wildly, always lacked the determination to sub-brand, so that problems such as the lack of DTC brand strategy and insufficient long-term operation ideas have become the constraints for cross-border sellers to break the 'old order' .How to break this situation and supplement the brand packaging capabilities that are generally lacking in the industry is particularly important.

In this summit, we will invite top experts in the industry and the heads of well-known overseas brands to bring a wealth of useful content for DTC brands going overseas and share successful strategies for DTC brands going overseas.

A sneak peek of event highlights

2022 product selection strategy and tactics based on market and positioning

Guangdong Jituo Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.


Anna, as a post-90s generation, has completed the first year of entrepreneurship with sales ranging from 0 to 130 million, and a team of 0 to more than 100 people.In the second year of starting the business, industry and trade were integrated.In its third year of business, its self-built brand ranked among the top 10 in the U.S. industry and became the official cooperative brand of the U.S. Embassy, ​​among other outstanding achievements.

In this event, Anna will combine her own brand overseas experience to explain to us how to create a product type with sustainable growth and add further impetus to the profitability of cross-border sellers.

DTC overseas: traffic and branding

Titanium technology market

Director Wang Ruoce

How can we achieve more effective advertising results?What are the differences between independent website advertising and ordinary cross-border e-commerce advertising?For advertisers, the most important thing in the advertising process is to have an in-depth understanding of the target consumer groups, and to output brand information in a targeted manner so that product information can reach the core audience and generate sales conversions. The same is true for independent websites.

Wang Ruoce, marketing director of Titanium Technology, brings you tips and tricks on independent station advertising to help you better implement advertising and achieve a surge in traffic and sales!

How to take advantage of TikTok to start an era of brand navigation


Co-founder/CEO Gu Jun

DTC home channel brand Newme As a DTC home channel brand, Co-Founder & CEO has received multiple rounds of financing from Yunmu Capital, Only Capital, and Huaying Capital in one year; it has achieved sales of one million US dollars in TikTok single channel.Guest Gu Jun has overseas trading experience in South America, the Middle East, India and other countries.

How to choose the ecological niche for a brand to go overseas? How should a brand have content creation capabilities, marketing and monetization models? How to choose regions, categories and unit price per customer?We will answer them one by one for you.

Making cross-border communication easier, Yunpian empowers Chinese brands to build new overseas infrastructure

Hangzhou Yunpian Network Technology Co., Ltd.

He Sicong, VP of Marketing and General Manager of East China Business Line

Years of accumulation in related industries overseas have given He Sicong a deep and unique understanding of the global cloud communications market. He once led a team to host and create cloud communications solutions exclusively for Chinese companies going overseas.It has built a cloud communication moat based on compliance and data security that is different from other overseas brands for SHEIN, L'Oreal, Hermès, DFS, Geely and other brands.

In this event, He Sicong will share on cross-border communication, cloud communication and other contents, bringing more convenient and effective cross-border communication strategies to domestic cross-border sellers.

Roundtable Forum: DTC brands going global from 0 to 1

Wei Fangdan, Founder & CEO of Beluga Overseas

Limelight China Manager Ji Changqing

SHOPLINE China Business Development Senior Director Lan Zexin

To be determined…

Many cross-border sellers must be paying attention to a question. The momentum of DTC brands going overseas is so strong, so how do we transform from simply 'selling goods' to 'DTC brands going overseas?' Product selection between DTC brands and ordinary cross-border sellers What are the differences in logic?If I want to build a cross-border DTC brand, how do I operate, manage, and maintain it?The independent website has been built, but it often faces network fluctuation problems. How should we improve website performance?

At the same time, we have also noticed that after Apple and Google launched privacy policy protection systems for IOS and Android users last year, it has become increasingly difficult for advertisers to purchase volume. So what new technical support or operational strategies will be available in 2022? How to help solve this pain point?

The purpose of this roundtable is to help many friends who want to transform their DTC brands to go overseas but are unable to do so.We will invite big names from various fields of DTC brands overseas to discuss these issues and explain the key to them.

What are you waiting for?Scan the QR code on the poster and register now!


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