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'New momentum for foreign trade·new digital future'——The grand opening of the 2023 China Cross Trade Fair (Autumn) on August 18-20

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'New momentum for foreign trade·new digital future'——The grand opening of the 2023 China Cross Trade Fair (Autumn) on August 18-20

On the morning of July 14, the 2023 China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (Autumn) press briefing was held at the Canton Fair Complex.Guangdong ProvinceHuang Xin, Level 2 Inspector of the Department of Commerce, Xu Feng, Deputy Director of the E-Commerce Division of the Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, Liu Feina, Executive President and Secretary-General of the Guangdong Provincial Online Business Association, Wang Huiming, Executive President of the Guangdong Provincial Cross-Border Commodity Trade Association, Amazon Global Store Fang Wei, Director of Strategic Development of South China, Liu Xiaomin, General Manager of China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., Chen Danfeng, General Manager of Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and media representatives attended this news briefingmeeting.

The 2023 China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (Autumn) (hereinafter referred to as 'China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair') will be held grandly again at the Canton Fair Complex from August 18 to 20, 2023.The exhibition is co-organized by China Foreign Trade Center Group Co., Ltd., the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., with a scale of approximately 50,000 square meters and a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area. and three exhibition areas including the industrial park exhibition area, the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service exhibition area and the supplier exhibition area.

Since its inception, the China Cross-border Trade Fair (Autumn) has had a wide impact on the industry and has become an important platform for displaying new and high-quality 'Made in China' products and leading cross-border product selection and stocking.After two years of accumulation, the industrial belt display at this exhibition has been further polished, expanded and upgraded, including emerging categories such as Xining clean energy, Ningde mechanical and electrical, Dongguan electronics, which have just started a boom overseas, as well as Shaoxing textile, Yiwu small commodities, Jinjiang shoes Traditional key categories in industries such as clothing and Dehua ceramics.The organizing committee will make full use of its resources and platform advantages, continue to regard transaction effectiveness as an important goal of organizing the exhibition, comprehensively improve the professionalism of categories, adjust and optimize the composition of exhibits, and select more products suitable for the international market to participate in the exhibition.Clothing is the bright business card of the Shishi brand. This exhibition will bring new fabrics and new styles to the collective appearance, and combined with the flexible supply chain needs of cross-border e-commerce, a series of fashion products suitable for C-end direct sales will be launched; automobile and motorcycle parts products are made in Ruian The distinctive logo of Yongkang's auto parts product line is complete, opening up the auto parts supply chain in an all-round way; hardware is the pillar technology of Yongkang's manufacturing industry, and it has established its industrial development advantages and used the exhibition as a medium to establish the 'Hometown of Chinese Hardware Craftsmen' ''s sparkling business card.Products with Chinese characteristics from all over the world will be exhibited at the exhibition, becoming famous all over the country and going to the world.The country's strong cross-border e-commerce provinces and potential provinces gathered in Guangzhou again. Representative companies from various supply chains signed up one after another. More than 1 million new smart products across the country were unveiled. The enterprise echelon was complete, and the agglomeration effect of the industrial belt continued to amplify.

The exhibitors at this exhibition cover the entire ecological chain of cross-border e-commerce such as supply chain, platform, warehousing, logistics, finance and taxation, payment, marketing, software, operations, and talents.Well-known platforms such as Amazon Global Store, Wal-Mart, Alibaba, and Made in China, as well as powerful service providers such as China Post, Wanlihui, Zongteng, Midoduo, and Fanding, jointly participated.Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones such as Guangzhou, Yinchuan, Xining, Changzhou and Shaoguan, as well as business associations from more than 20 provinces and cities including Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hebei, Yunnan and Shaanxi organized groups to participate.In terms of buyer invitation, it is expected to attract about 80,000 professional buyers to the conference.

Compared with previous exhibitions, the supporting activities of this exhibition are richer and more diverse, and the information content is of higher quality.This exhibition has 2 forum areas, consisting of more than 50 theme forums and special forums. The topics cover AIGC, overseas consumer market big data, overseas expansion, financial and taxation structure, etc.The China Cross-border E-commerce Development Forum held at the same time as the exhibition will invite well-known e-commerce platforms, marketing channel representatives, leading service providers, industry experts, etc. to jointly discuss the new phenomenon of cross-border e-commerce on 'new opportunities, new momentum, and new technologies.' Theme sharing; for the first time, the exhibition invites domestic AI industry guests to share AIGC new technologies, use artificial intelligence-generated content as a new productivity in the digital economy era, explore the application model of artificial intelligence empowering cross-border e-commerce, and promote the industry to leverage technology to achieve upgrading and transformation. ; Amazon Global Store will continue to use the China Cross-border Trade Fair as an important industry report release occasion. The Asia-Pacific market leader will launch the '2023 Amazon Global Store China Export Cross-border E-commerce Global Opportunities White Paper' at the scene to analyze Amazon's global opportunities in 18 The development trends and potential of large overseas sites provide reference and reference for Chinese companies to build a more balanced and diversified global layout; Deloitte China will release the 'China Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Trend Report' on site to provide cross-border e-commerce companies with Provide clearer market insights; cutting-edge platform TEMU and unicorn platform Shein hold special matchmaking sessions on site; Alibaba International Station, Shopee, Made in China, Midoduo, eBay, Guangdong Global, etc. respectively discuss platforms, independent stations, and DTC Analyzing the actual strategies of brands going overseas and sharing the latest trends in the field of big data in overseas consumer markets; Vanbio Design Office from Italy will share the key factors for product sales success in the European and American markets from a design perspective; Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test The District Development Exchange Conference invites the competent authorities of the national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones to discuss topics such as the development planning, investment promotion, and talent introduction of the national comprehensive pilot zones.The exhibition will also hold a series of promotion meetings for service providers and blue ocean platforms to provide strong support for the development of cross-border e-commerce companies and help cross-border e-commerce companies enter the fast lane of development.In addition, the exhibition will join forces with China Trade Bank Sihai and Blue Ocean Yiguan to create a 'cross-border night' for the first time. During the exhibition, offline meet-ups in a relaxed format will be held to conduct open and in-depth exchanges on cutting-edge industry topics and promote the industry's development. Directional thinking and nationwide collaboration.

As the opening of the exhibition approaches, the preparatory work has entered the final sprint stage. The organizing committee will go all out, reverse the time, work on the wall chart, and make meticulous follow-up preparations to ensure the successful holding of the China Cross-Trade Fair (Autumn).


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