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Minor spoilers: Some of the major events of the 3.18 China Cross-Trade Fair

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Minor spoilers: Some of the major events of the 3.18 China Cross-Trade Fair

The China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair will be held again at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18 to 20, 2022.The editor recently heard some inside information and couldn't help but share it with friends in the industry in advance.

It is said that there are four major activity areas on the exhibition site, including the main forum area, the second forum area, the activity area, and the live broadcast area, which are used to hold the Ministry of Commerce's 'Silk Road E-commerce' forum, capital summit forum, and cross-border e-commerce. Activities such as industry index press conferences, cross-border e-commerce trend predictions, leading platform special events, cross-border new product releases and supply and procurement docking, domestic and overseas product selection live broadcasts, talent cultivation and double selection fairs are in short supply.

High specifications

'Silk Road E-commerce Forum' will invite provincial and ministerial leaders to attend, Maritime Silk Road dignitaries will deliver speeches, platform CEOs will be present, and a billion-dollar sales platform will be held.The release of government support policies, the signing of key projects, and the launch of platform new year trends are all well arranged.The popular financial influencer from last year was invited to show off his New Year trend again.

Strong authority

Joint authoritative organizations have released China’s cross-border e-commerce industry index again.The new version of China’s cross-border e-commerce white paper is currently being compiled.The industry-finance on-site matchmaking meeting 'Finding Projects for Capital, Finding Capital for Projects' has been launched again, and the 'China Cross-border E-commerce Awards Ceremony' will authoritatively measure the cross-border industry benchmark.All in all, it is full of useful information and brings you one-stop access to high-end industry information.

Many business opportunities

New product launch conferences, popular product display matchmaking meetings, product selection cloud live broadcasts, industry leaders, government and enterprise joint promotion meetings... If you can't think of it, we can't do it.Internet celebrities from all over the country gather together, real people and virtual people are on the scene, the army is the first of its kind in the country, and the activity matrix helps you package all online and offline domestic and overseas supply and procurement information.



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