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Looking for industries to bring massive hot products from high-quality cross-exchange enterprises - Dehua Ceramics Industry Belt

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Dehua is the birthplace of Chinese ceramic culture and one of the three ancient porcelain capitals.As early as the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Dehua ceramics were an important export commodity on the 'Maritime Silk Road'. Together with silk and tea, they were China's important foreign trade products.Dehua Ceramics is famous for its 'white' color and is known as 'the mother of white porcelain in the world'.On December 27, 2006, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the implementation of geographical indication product protection for 'Dehua White Porcelain'. In the same year, it was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection lists.


Dehua ceramics industry chain is complete, with traditional porcelain carvings, exported craft porcelain, and daily-use porcelain developing in parallel.Dehua currently has more than 3,000 ceramic companies with more than 100,000 employees. In 2019, the ceramic output value was 36.3 billion yuan, and 80% of the products were sold to more than 190 countries and regions around the world. It is the largest production and export base for ceramic handicrafts in the country. The country's largest production base for ceramic tea sets and flowerpots, a national-level export ceramic quality and safety demonstration zone, and was rated as 'China's Porcelain Capital', 'China's Home of Folk Culture and Art', 'China's Ceramic Historical and Cultural City', 2015 In 2006, it was awarded the title of the only 'World Ceramic Capital' in the world, with a ceramic brand value of 108.6 billion yuan, ranking first in the brand value of the national ceramic production areas.At present, Dehua has nearly 300 ceramic research institutes and two full-time colleges and universities. Its talent team and R&D and production capabilities are among the few in the country.


It is worth noting that in addition to handicrafts, many ceramic companies in Dehua have developed a number of special ceramic products for electronic products, indoor sound attenuation and other fields through industrial upgrading in recent years, which are very popular in overseas markets.In terms of e-commerce, Dehua ranks ninth in the country for county e-commerce. It is the largest ceramic e-commerce industry base in the country and is the only one to be ranked among the 'Top 100 E-commerce Counties' by Alibaba and the 'Top 100 E-commerce Counties' by The ceramic production area ranked 20th and awarded the title of National E-commerce Demonstration Base, accounting for 80% of the country's online ceramic tea set sales market.

Many ceramic companies signed up to participate in the exhibition, bringing exquisite ceramic crafts, tea sets, tableware, household products and other products to the exhibition, bringing the dual beauty of art and life to the exhibition.

In the cross-border e-commerce market, Dehua ceramics is also a popular category.Dehua has set up ceramic cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses in the United States and Russia.In December 2016, Dehua was shortlisted in Alibaba's list of 'the 25 most active counties in cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurship in 2016'.

On Instagram, small ceramic gifts are a popular category.According to statistics from Pinterest’s annual holiday gift guide in 2020, during the gift preparation period, the number of consumers searching for ceramic gifts on the platform increased significantly.The 2020 Alibaba International Station Gifts and Crafts Industry Cross-Border E-commerce Research Report pointed out that among the annual gift crafts, most of the table decorations, ornaments, and tableware used to set off the atmosphere are made of ceramics, glass, etc. as the main materials.During the Christmas shopping season, which is the annual highlight of cross-border e-commerce, Christmas-themed ceramic products have always been sought after by buyers in Europe and the United States.Dehua Ceramics can derive a variety of festival gifts based on the customs, customs, religious beliefs, etc. of various countries, and has therefore become the world's largest festival gift production base. Dehua's incense burners, decorative ornaments, gardening flower pots, and tea sets Products such as these are sold abroad all year round through cross-border e-commerce channels such as Amazon and AliExpress.


In addition to craft gifts, ceramic tableware and kitchenware are also popular in cross-border e-commerce circles.Affected by the epidemic, the proportion of people cooking at home in Europe and the United States has greatly increased, thus driving the sales of tableware. Among them, ceramic kitchenware and tableware have always played an important role in the tableware category due to their durability, easy cleaning, comfortable grip, and good thermal stability.Amazon's summary of the kitchen supplies category in 2020 pointed out that 54% of Americans said they would continue to cook and eat at home even after the epidemic. This conclusion will undoubtedly bring continued strong demand for e-commerce sales of ceramic tableware and kitchenware.

It should be noted that, according to eMarketer’s predictions, due to differences in living standards, cultural backgrounds, art appreciation, etc. among consumers in developed countries, product needs are different from each other. Therefore, the overseas ceramic product market will undergo a series of changes in the future. The main manifestations are: Diversified and novel styles of personalized products are becoming more and more popular among people.This is exactly what cross-border e-commerce companies that produce small orders and deliver small orders are good at.


Dehua County Huamao Ceramics Co., Ltd. in Fujian Province was established in 2001. It mainly produces household ceramic products such as daily tableware and decorative ornaments. Its products are sold to dozens of countries and have registered trademarks in 14 countries.


Sanfeng Ceramics Co., Ltd., Dehua County, Fujian Province, was established in 1992. It mainly produces and operates various high-end and high-end tea sets, tableware, and craft ceramics. Its products are sold to large supermarket chains in Europe and the United States. It is a brand of Disney, Hobby Lobby, Target, German TEDI, and French GIFI. Long term partner.


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