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Looking for industries to bring massive hot products from cross-exchange high-quality enterprises - Zhangzhou Electronic Watch Industry Belt

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Clocks are the city card of Zhangzhou. As early as the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Zhangzhou became one of the five major watch manufacturing centers in China. Zhangzhou watches are an industrial example of 'a small industry making a big impact'.As China's electronic quartz clock production and sales base and the world's largest quartz watch production base, Zhangzhou has more than 200 companies related to the watch industry, with an output value of approximately 7 billion yuan.Zhangzhou's quartz clock accessories account for more than 70% of the world's global share, its quartz clock pointer movement production accounts for more than 65% of the world's production, its quartz wall clocks account for about 30% of the world's production, and its watch production accounts for 10% of the world's share.More than 90% of local watch products are exported, covering 165 countries and regions around the world.At the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, the 'Zhangzhou Watch and Clock' area has been set up for 10 consecutive sessions. At the Canton Fair, the 'Zhangzhou Watch and Clock' large-scale outdoor advertisement has been set up for the 24th consecutive session.


In 2012, Zhangzhou was awarded the title of 'China's Watch and Clock City', and six years later it was awarded the title of 'China's Famous Watch and Clock City'.The difference between one word and another reflects that Zhangzhou has upgraded from producing mid- to low-end traditional quartz wall clocks to independently developing smart wearable devices and multi-functional movements. From 'making wedding dresses' for foreign brands to well-known foreign factories working for Zhangzhou brands, The transformation of OEM.Zhangzhou has obtained more than 2,000 patents in the watch industry, has registered more than 100 independent brands, and has many world-class watch companies, including the top six Chinese movement companies with an annual output of more than 100 million quartz watch movements, and an annual production of aluminum needles and clocks. The world's number one company with a production capacity of 100 million units, the world's number one company with a monthly production of 8 million analog quartz clock movements accounting for 20% of the global market, and the world's number one company with quartz clock (watch) positive and negative poles and stator plates accounting for 95% of the world's output. 'Made in Zhangzhou' has become an industry label for high-quality watches.

There are dozens of Zhangzhou watch companies participating in this cross-trade fair. Their products cover mechanical clocks, electronic clocks, watch accessories, etc., with new styles and excellent prices, which are in line with the sales preferences of overseas markets. It is the first export display nationwide in the past two years.

On various e-commerce platforms, watches are a blue ocean category with vast market capacity and rapid growth.In terms of overseas markets, the U.S. market is still the core market for watches, ranking first in the number of buyers and orders, and preferring new products; developing countries, mainly in Asia and South America, have strong demand for watches and are active on the platform. It is worth mentioning that Brazilian buyers have a strong sense of identity with Chinese brands, and the business potential is worth exploring.In terms of product categories, the volume of watches is still huge (especially fashionable quartz women's watches and casual quartz men's watches), and smart watches are in short supply (such as new watches with smart functions such as mobile payment, health monitoring, and smart calls, etc., with various accessories). casual business-style watches with sexual functions, sports watches, children's smart watches, etc.), while pocket watch sales show signs of decline.In terms of search hot words, according to tracking statistics, the hot word most searched by buyers is still the big word 'watch'; smart watches (smart watch, smart watch) occupy the top of the hot search rankings; most buyers search The product will carry the gender classification of 'man/women', and men's watches are more popular in searches.In terms of wall clock size, the Japanese market prefers smaller clocks, usually around 12 inches; while the American market prefers larger clocks, usually around 20 inches; in comparison, the European market tends to have medium-sized clocks. Around 15 inches.


Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. It is one of the top ten companies in China's watch industry and owns a number of watch patents. Its products include stainless steel watches, quartz watches, electronic watches, mechanical watches, LCD clocks, electronic radios, etc. It is sold to more than 80 countries, and its 'MOVEBEST' brand is a well-known trademark in China.


Fujian Deyuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It exports nearly 5 million watches annually to more than 30 countries including Europe, America, and Japan. Its main customers include Walmart, Target, Biglots, Auchan, Marks & Spencer, and Aldi. , COSTCO, etc., and has been authorized or certified by Disney, Universal Studios, HELLOKITTY, PLAYBOY, etc.


Zhangzhou Jibang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, specializing in the production of quartz clock movements, quartz clocks, and LED electronic clocks.The company has more than 130 patents of various kinds. It is a 'well-known brand in Fujian Province' and a 'focus on cultivating internationally renowned brands in Fujian Province'. Its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.


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