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Looking for industries to bring massive hot products from cross-exchange high-quality enterprises - Shishi Garment Industry Belt

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Shishi is my country's earliest professional clothing wholesale market and one of the important textile and clothing production bases and distribution centers in my country. It once had the reputation of 'Shishi races across the country, and Shishi races across the country'. The 'Fujian School' represented by Shishi and other places 'Men's clothing is well-known throughout the country, among which jackets and men's trousers have always been the top products.At present, Shishi has the honorary titles of 'China's Famous Casual Clothing City', 'National Textile Industry Model Cluster', 'China Clothing Demonstration Industry Cluster', etc. It has formed a clothing processing and production as the core, covering raw materials, textiles, bleaching and dyeing, The complete industrial chain of textile and clothing in all aspects including ready-made garments, accessories, and research and development, accounts for half of the city's manufacturing enterprises, and its output value accounts for half of Shishi's industrial output value. Textile and clothing has become Shishi's largest pillar industry.


In terms of product categories, Shishi clothing manufacturing has experienced a process from simple imitation to integrated innovation, and has now formed several major advantageous sub-industries such as children's clothing, sportswear, casual pants, T-shirts, jackets, windbreakers, etc., playing a decisive role in the national clothing industry; in In the export market, the main varieties of Shishi include sportswear, denim clothing, jackets, underwear, children's clothing, pajamas, etc.In recent years, the Shishi clothing industry has relied on the supporting advantages of local fabric innovation and benchmarked against Milan to get rid of the label of mid-to-low-end manufacturing and gradually shift towards high quality and high added value, and has achieved results. Statistics show that the unit price of Shishi clothing exports The proportion of clothing priced less than 100 yuan has dropped from 65% in 2014 to about 30% currently.


In terms of overseas markets, Shishi clothing is spread all over the world, especially in Latin American markets such as Chile and Brazil, and its performance in Asian markets such as India, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia is stable and good.

It is worth mentioning that since becoming the first national-level market procurement trade pilot in Fujian Province in 2018, the cumulative export value of market procurement trade in Shishi Garment City, Asia's largest professional clothing market, has reached more than 50 billion yuan in the past two years, which has initially taken shape. 'Buy nationwide, sell globally' new business pattern.

At this cross-border trade fair, many Shishi clothing companies participated collectively with new fabrics and new styles. In response to the flexible supply chain needs of cross-border e-commerce, they launched many fashion products suitable for C-end direct sales. They used the exhibition to meet friends and jointly explore a new blue ocean of foreign trade.

According to Amazon’s forecast, the men’s clothing market will reach US$757.4 billion in 2025, accounting for 33% of the entire clothing consumer market.On the Amazon platform, the overall market share of men's clothing has grown steadily year by year. The penetration rate of Chinese sellers is medium, and there is a large market development space.The top five sub-categories with expected compound growth rates from 2020 to 2025 include men's sportswear, swimming trunks, men's home wear, men's coats and jackets among Shishi's product advantage categories.


Based on the experience summary of multiple platforms, cross-border e-commerce sales of men's clothing have three characteristics: high quality and functionality are core needs, while paying attention to style and aesthetics; high prices can be accepted for high quality; and the return rate is relatively low.Chinese sellers can carry out differentiated product design from dimensions such as cost-effectiveness, new fabrics, new functions, and new technologies, combined with brand building and appropriate marketing techniques, to open up overseas cross-border e-commerce markets.In terms of style trends, as more and more people pay attention to health and like sports, clothing that combines sports, fashion, and life styles has broadened the user base, and the growth will be considerable.

In addition, Amazon has made the following analysis and predictions on the fashion trends of men's clothing in 2021, which can be used as a reference for cross-border e-commerce men's clothing sellers:


In terms of low and peak sales seasons, men's clothing can take advantage of major promotion nodes throughout the year, especially annual sales such as Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, New Year, etc.Since the peak sales season begins in Q4 and reaches the peak of annual sales in December, it is recommended that products prepare for the peak season in September, including preparing sufficient inventory, conducting multiple rounds of page optimization and conversion rate monitoring, and accumulating reviews in order to prepare for the peak season.



Shishi Yi Bicheng Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a 'high-tech enterprise' and mainly produces 'intelligent heating' down jackets, cotton jackets, vests, casual pants, scarves and other clothing.These high-tech garments are popular with consumers in markets such as the United States, Russia and Japan.


Fujian BOSLINE Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. It owns the 'BOSLINE' and 'NVH' brands and has established independent R&D institutions in Guangzhou and Italy.The company's main products are various types of leather jackets, jackets, cotton-padded jackets, vests, knitted sweatshirts, down jackets, etc.


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