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Looking for industries to bring a large number of hot products from cross-exchange high-quality enterprises - Chenghai Toy Industry Belt

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Industry overview


Chenghai is the first national toy and gift export base and a national export toy quality and safety demonstration zone. It is known as the 'Hometown of Toys'. According to statistics, 30% of the world's toys come from Chenghai.In the past ten years, the output value of Chenghai's toy industry has grown at an average annual rate of 13%. In 2019, the output value reached 58 billion yuan, accounting for 'half' of the district's industrial output value. It is the first pillar industry of Chenghai's economy.


In Chenghai, there are nearly 20,000 registered toy manufacturers and individual industrial and commercial households, and more than 100,000 people are engaged in toy production. More than 75% of key enterprises have independent research and development institutions, 80% of new product development uses 3D printing technology, and more than 90% of toy companies use fully automatic molding production equipment, and 70% of the toys produced in Chenghai are sold to more than 140 countries and regions.With advanced technology and strict management, coupled with rich market experience, Chenghai's toys follow the high quality requirements of Europe and the United States, creating an international reputation for Chinese toys.


In the past two years, the Chenghai toy industry belt has also been stepping up its transformation and layout of cross-border e-commerce, actively cooperating closely with multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms, and promoting local toy companies to expand their brands overseas through independent store opening and product distribution.This cross-trade fair gathered many excellent toy companies in Chenghai, and they brought a wide range of overseas hot-selling products to the exhibition, including various electric toys, plastic toys, wooden toys, paper toys, stuffed toys, inflatable toys, etc. Categories include early education educational toys, music toys, building block toys, ride-on toys, smart toys, model toys, DIY toys, sports toys, etc.Some leading companies have focused on high-end products and developed well-known IP products with high added value and collectible value, which have gained market recognition.

E-commerce data

As an urgently needed category for cross-border e-commerce, the demand for toys has always remained strong, and products of any style, age, and material are at the forefront of buyers' purchase lists.The increase in home time caused by the epidemic has also brought more parent-child time. Most parents will choose to buy educational and combination toys to play with their children, such as building blocks. This kind of demand is truly reflected in cross-border e-commerce sales. There is a clear upward trend in the toys on the list.Taking the UK, the fourth largest toy market in the world and the largest in Europe, as an example. During the 2020 epidemic, the annual sales of the British toy market reached 3.3 billion pounds, a year-on-year increase of 5%. During the first and second blockades, national toy sales Sales grew by more than 22% and 8% respectively. Among them, games and puzzle products grew the fastest, followed by building block products.The statistics behind these data show that the proportion of online toy sales in the UK continues to expand, and experts predict that it will reach 40% of the market share in the next few years.Another report on the Southeast Asian toy market in 2020 shows that among ASEAN countries, Thailand and the Philippines have the largest demand for toys, accounting for 60% of the total toy turnover in ASEAN. Among them, Thailand’s sales growth rate is 300%. Specific best-selling products Including plush, remote control, water and sand toys, etc.

Representative enterprise


1. Guangdong Goldman Toys Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is authorized by the British Goldman Sachs Group (KOS GROUP) to use the KO SHENG brand.The company specializes in the production and sales of educational toys for infants and young children, and its products are sold in 65 countries around the world.


2. Guangdong Kaiyu Science and Education Culture Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It owns brands such as 'Kaizhi' building blocks, 'Kaiyu' alloy deformation, 'Rongda' alloy, and 'Gaobole'. And reached strategic cooperation with The Coca-Cola Company.The company specializes in the production of various types of plastic toys, with more than 1,000 SKUs, and its products are exported to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia.


3. Shantou Zegan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of remote control toys.The company's products include remote control cars, remote control aircraft, remote control tanks, remote control battle robots, etc. The products are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa and other parts of the world.


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