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Looking for industries to bring a large number of hot products from cross-exchange high-quality enterprises - Anxi Horticulture Outdoor Industry Belt

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Anxi's 'bamboo and rattan weaving' has a history of thousands of years and is known as the 'magic art on your fingertips'. It is a national intangible cultural heritage and won the 'World Crafts Council Handicraft City - Rattan Iron' in 2019. 'City of Crafts' title.After more than 40 years of development, Anxi rattan and iron crafts have incorporated iron, ceramics, resin, glass, plastic and other elements, and have continuously developed a variety of craft products with both use and artistic value. The humble bamboo and rattan have been transformed into Grassroots crafts have developed into a world-renowned specialty industry, creating a path of innovation and transformation of 'bamboo weaving - rattan weaving - rattan and iron crafts - home crafts'.


According to statistics, there are more than 2,200 home crafts enterprises and more than 3,000 processing points in Anxi County. 150,000 people in the county of more than 1.2 million people are directly engaged in the rattan and iron craft industry.In 2018, the industry output value was 15 billion yuan, ranking first in the same industry in the country. Exports reached 1.651 billion yuan, accounting for 1/3 of the national transaction volume of similar products, of which 39.6% were exported to the Americas, 29.5% to the European Union, and 30.9% to Africa and other regions. , products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions.Anxi already has the most complete industrial chain of rattan and iron crafts and is the largest production and export base of rattan and iron crafts in my country.According to the plan, Anxi will cultivate 20 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan in the home furnishing (rattan iron) craft industry by 2025, and 50 enterprises with an output value exceeding 50 million yuan.


The Anxi rattan iron products displayed at this cross-trade fair cover five major series: home accessories, garden supplies, tea culture crafts, LED application crafts and solid wood craft home furnishings. The materials include bamboo, rattan, wood, leather, metal, resin, ceramics, marble, More than a dozen categories such as plastics fully reflect the 4S characteristics of rattan iron products Seaonal (seasonal), Stylish (style), Senario (scenario) and Specific (professional). It is the largest centralized display of new models in the country since the epidemic.

At present, various e-commerce data do not summarize the subcategory of rattan and iron craft products, but judging from the outdoor home category to which it belongs, sales of outdoor home products have increased significantly in Europe and the United States under the influence of the epidemic. In January 2020, In March, the number of new reviews for this type of product on Amazon increased by as much as 45% year-on-year, showing strong growth potential.According to the price distribution of Amazon's outdoor home furnishing products, the average price of outdoor home furnishing sets is about USD300, which is the highest price in the sub-category. This is also the average reference for Tengtie Home Furnishings.

Affected by the stricter Amazon FBA warehousing and delivery policy in late 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic, a considerable number of consumers in the outdoor home category have turned to independent websites and vertical websites like Wayfair for shopping. This phenomenon has also attracted many rattan iron crafts in Anxi The seller's gaze.Another piece of information worth paying attention to is that Amazon’s global store team went to Anxi twice in the second half of 2020 after the epidemic eased, and provided on-site guidance to rattan iron industry foreign trade companies to transform into e-commerce and go cross-border. This shows that this industry is on the Amazon platform. degree of attention.


Anxi County Yingfa Furniture Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It develops nearly 2,000 home and garden products made of rattan, iron, bamboo, wood, resin, glass and other materials every year, which are exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East and other countries. The province focuses on cultivating and developing internationally renowned brands ''Fujian Famous Trademarks' 'Fujian Famous Brand Products'.


Anxi Jiacheng Crafts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, specializing in craft furniture and garden decorations. Its products have won awards such as the Gold Medal for Arts and Crafts Creative Design, and are exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.


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