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Laogao E-commerce Circle becomes the co-organizer of China Cross-border Trade Fair

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Laogao E-commerce Circle becomes the co-organizer of China Cross-border Trade Fair

The China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair will be held again at the Fuzhou Straits International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18-20, 2022.Laogao E-commerce Circle signed a contract to become the special organizer of the China Cross-Trade Fair.The two parties have joined forces to jointly lead the industry, comply with the trend of globalization, and create a fast lane for Chinese brands to go overseas on the national-level industry platform of the China Cross-border Trade Fair, relying on the genes and supply chain advantages of the Laogao e-commerce circle.

Laogao E-commerce Circle is a company specializing in the operation of e-commerce circles. It brings together more than 10,000 high-quality e-commerce companies, connects e-commerce business owners with accurate human resources, pays attention to e-commerce business models, and integrates the official resources of various e-commerce platforms. , share first-hand information on e-commerce to meet the needs of e-commerce companies, thereby promoting the steady progress of e-commerce companies.Since its establishment in 2010, it has always adhered to the mission of 'helping e-commerce succeed', with the vision of building the largest e-commerce circle in the country, and pushing the industry forward.It includes Lao Gao E-commerce Club, Golden Crown Club, Lao Gao Cross-border E-commerce Club, Lao Gao E-commerce Classroom, 'Lao Gao E-commerce Circle' self-media matrix, Lao Gao E-commerce Investment, and Lao Gao E-commerce Management. The eight major businesses of the college and Laogao E-commerce Chinese Academy.

Laogao Cross-border E-commerce Club was established in 2019 and is one of the three major clubs under the Laogao E-commerce Circle. It aims to effectively help domestic companies go out of China and expand overseas markets.With the purpose of 'selling all over the world and connecting the world', the club deeply integrates the contacts, resources, courses, and information in the cross-border e-commerce field and major cross-border e-commerce platforms to help entrepreneurs enhance their global vision and explore overseas markets. , pursuing new heights in career.

Club purpose

pure and sincere

Based on the more pure, sincere and in-depth considerations of internal communication and interpersonal relationships, the club does not accept third-party service providers to join the club.The club is committed to creating a pure and sincere circle atmosphere, allowing each member to obtain high-value information and close friends.

Premium and sophisticated

Club members include: founding members of Laogao Cross-border E-commerce Club and members of Laogao Cross-border E-commerce Club.After members join the club, through regular reviews and regular withdrawals, we insist on selecting the best among the best to effectively ensure that the high value of club members is consistent and make the circle more high-end and valuable.

Long-lasting love and righteousness

The club carefully selects entrepreneurs with business sentiment and ingenuity, advocates positive energy, rejects profit-seeking, and creates a circle culture of 'friendship first, interests second'.


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