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Keep moving丨China Cross Trade Fair enters Hainan

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Keep moving丨China Cross Trade Fair enters Hainan

Traveling all over the country and visiting thousands of cities and places, in order to continue to expand the radiation range and influence of the China Cross-Trade Fair, the team went to Hainan to conduct exhibition promotion invitations.

On December 29, at the 2021 Hainan Provincial E-commerce Live Broadcast Carnival, the on-site promotion invitation of the China Cross-Trade Fair received a positive response, with an endless stream of on-site inquirers and strong interest.During in-depth exchanges, representatives of the China Cross-Trade Fair introduced in detail the planning of the China Cross-Trade Fair exhibition area and the event arrangements of the exhibition. By providing precise business docking and jointly exploring the blue ocean market, they provided real business opportunities for exhibitors and participants.Many consultants expressed that they would actively consider participating to provide a good start for business development in 2022.

The China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair will be held again at the Fuzhou Straits International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18-20, 2022.The China Cross-Trade Fair has further upgraded its trade matching services, focusing on buyer invitations and on-site services. It has not only carried out massive publicity online and offline to display the exhibition image in a three-dimensional manner.In the future, the China Cross-Trade Fair will actively carry out offline promotion activities to bring the China Cross-Trade Fair to all parts of the country, so that more and more friends will fall in love with the China Cross-Trade Fair.


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