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Is it difficult to book a hotel during the exhibition?Check out the 2022 Cross-Trade Fair booking guide!

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Is it difficult to book a hotel during the exhibition?Check out the 2022 Cross-Trade Fair booking guide!


Booking guide for cross-trade fairs

In previous years, it was hard to find a hotel room during the exhibition!

This year's cross-trade fair 'collides' with the first World Dragon Boat League.

Booking a room is even harder!Disaster!Disaster!

(The friends who booked the room also tightened their belts and made the reservation with tears in their eyes),

Friends who cannot book a room ask: Can I set up a bed in the booth?


June 2022 (Spring) China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair

Entering the countdown stage

The number of exhibitors this time reached 2000+

While preparing for the exhibition

Logistics are also very important.

Exhibitors, your room!Have you ordered it yet?

One-stop service for hotel booking and travel!

Book a room and travel!Look at us!

Why choose Huixiangyoupin?


Official selection: The organizing committee has selected the most suitable hotels based on its experience in organizing and participating in exhibitions to solve your troubles when choosing.


Check-out guarantee: Refunds will be completed within 24 hours if canceled due to force majeure due to the epidemic on March 18.


Price discount: The prices on the platform are all discounted prices including breakfast, which are lower than the prices on platforms such as Somecheng.

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about Us


Hotel Accommodation

There are a large number of cooperative hotels with excellent quality.Enjoy the official group purchase discount price of the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Organizing Committee.


Scenic spot tickets

We provide ticket discount services for famous attractions and scenic spots around the city where the exhibition is located and in Fuzhou.


Leisure and entertainment

During the exhibition, you can experience a series of leisure and entertainment activities such as massage, pedicure, and hot springs.


Catering and food

Food packages with selected discounts from urban dining information during the exhibition.


vehicle rental

We provide urban vehicle rentals to make traveling more convenient.

Recommended hotels

Sheraton Zhonggeng Hotel

It is adjacent to Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, just a few steps away and seamlessly connected.The hotel is a 16-minute drive from Fuzhou Strait Olympic Sports Center and 12 kilometers away from the Second Ring Road.The hotel is only a 20-minute drive from Fuzhou South Railway Station and a 25-minute drive from Fuzhou North Railway Station. The transportation is fast and convenient.It takes 30 minutes to get to Fuzhou Changle International Airport.It is the only international brand hotel near the Convention and Exhibition Center.

Enjoy premium products
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Fuzhou Minjiang Century Jinyuan Hotel

Fuzhou Minjiang Century Jinyuan Exhibition Hotel is located on the edge of the Second Ring Road, nestled on the Minjiang River, and adjacent to the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. It not only embraces the beautiful and clear Minjiang River, but also faces the Gushan Mountain with many scenic spots.The hotel is the main hotel of this China Cross-border E-commerce Fair.

Minjiang Century Jinyuan Exhibition Hotel

Mawei Yihao

Yihao Hotel is a city boutique business hotel carefully built by Jianfa Tourism Group of Xiamen Jianfa Group, highlighting the exquisite, simple, warm and efficient brand personality of the Yihao Hotel brand.Located at the intersection of Bindong Avenue and Sanjiangkou Bridge on the Mawei River in Fuzhou, the hotel faces the river and has unparalleled river view rooms. The scenery is pleasant and pleasing to the eye. There are riverside promenades and small Jiangwan gardens nearby, making it convenient for guests to take a leisurely walk. The choice of scholars.

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Oriental Haiyatt Hotel

Fuzhou Western Ocean Hotel is located on Tatou Road, Fuzhou City. It is designed in accordance with the chain brand standards of the global designated brand chain group - 'American Western International Group' in Fuzhou. It is a luxuriously decorated high-end business hotel.

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Fuzhou West Lake Hotel

Located in the center of Fuzhou, on the bank of the West Lake, the 'Pearl of Fujian Gardens', it is a must-visit place in Fuzhou. It carries the unique West Lake feelings of old Fuzhou people and is a bright spot in the eyes of old Fuzhou people. Fuzhou business card.This cross-trade fair provides participating merchants with an exclusive shuttle bus service from the hotel to the exhibition hall.

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Foreign Trade Center Yuehua Hotel

The hotel is located in the prosperous commercial area of ​​Wusi Road in the center of Fuzhou City, adjacent to large shopping malls and restaurants. It is also within walking distance to tourist check-in spots such as Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, and West Lake Park. It has the convenience of the city and is an ideal hotel for business travelers and leisure travelers. , the best choice for a light vacation.

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The above recommendations can be made at the 'Huixiang Business Hotel' mall.

The organizer has already provided the best purchase price!

Availability is limited, book as soon as possible.

More property information can be found in the mall.

Operating procedures

Scan the QR code to enter the mall reservation interface

Choose product and pay

Received a booking success message

Show the verification code to get the service

PS: The SMS of successful booking contains the service verification code



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