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'In addition to buying happily, there is also selling to your heart's content.' The cross-trade fair's 'Business Opportunities' column will take you to receive inquiries 365 days a year

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'In addition to buying happily, there is also selling to your heart's content.' The cross-trade fair's 'Business Opportunities' column will take you to receive inquiries 365 days a year


China Cross-Trade Fair 'Business Opportunities'

March 18-20

How to quickly and accurately connect cross-border e-commerce suppliers and buyers this year to maximize economic benefits?

We give the loudest answer:Please pay attention to the 2023 Spring China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair!

The Cross-Trade Fair is a leading event for the Chinese industry. The organizer is a national team, 100,000 cross-border buyers are accurately matched, 2,500+ suppliers, 50+ advantageous industrial zones across the country, fully recognized by the government and the industry, linking Chinese manufacturing and global consumption. .Speak with facts and rely on strength to achieve win-win results.

This cross-border trade fair has attracted more than 2,000 companies from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition covers more than one million cross-border e-commerce hot-selling categories such as digital, home, maternal and child, shoes and clothing, auto parts, etc. Professionals are expected to visit The number of merchants exceeded 100,000.

Exhibitors and buyers come together, a good place to exchange information, an excellent opportunity to showcase exhibitors, and a cooperation agreement that can be obtained in a short time.Effectiveness is the most important thing, don’t play with illusions, so stay tuned for this upcoming leading event!The exhibition organizing committee carefully builds bridges and shares the exhibition's exhibitor supply information and seller purchasing information with the industry in various forms such as tweets, posters, short videos, etc., 'helping sellers find factories' and 'helping factories find sellers' 'has quietly become the new business card of cross-trade fairs and has received unanimous praise from companies and fans.Up to now, a total of * supply information and * procurement information have been released.Some of the information is now organized as follows for the convenience of fans.

'Business Opportunities' can supply products:

1. Hardware and electronics (fully automatic 3D face recognition + visual cat-eye door lock, one-touch Bluetooth apartment/home lock); textiles (four-sided stretch digital printing, four-sided stretch dyed cloth);

2. Bags (schoolbags, pencil cases, pencil cases); plant essential oils, essential oils to repel mosquitoes, essential oils to relieve itching, mosquito killer lamp series products; small household appliances (rice cookers, electric steamers, cloud humidifiers and other small household appliances) );

3. Simulated animal (functional) toys; lighting lamps (rechargeable candle lamp, double-layer three-color ceiling lamp 50cm, five-page ceiling fan lamp, sun column head lamp, LED downlight, starry sky lamp);

4. Yacht cables, anchor ropes, float ropes, general ropes and other tools;

5. Hardware (2416 sapphire blue shower rack, 2416 iron gray shower rack and other bathroom series, various kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories, storage racks);

6. Wood plastic building materials;

7. Small power gasoline generator set;

8. Japanese and Korean wooden clocks;

9. Clothing (European and American style pajamas, sleeping suits, Muslim clothing, sexy underwear, women's home clothes); shoes and clothing products;

10. Home accessories (venetian blinds, fan curtains, soft gauze curtains, magnetic blinds, artificial flowers, storage boxes, wooden accessories, furniture, home accessories, iron art crafts);

11. Kitchen utensils (stainless steel tableware, stainless steel pots, stainless steel hotel supplies, stainless steel kitchen utensils; dining tables, dining chairs);

12. Auto parts (car refrigerators of various types);

13. 3C Electronics (Type C to Lightning data cable);

14. Exclusive patented anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering;

15. Complete implementation case of goods and product traceability technology;

16. Food (food gift boxes, customized packaged food, mushroom food);

17. Garden supplies (outdoor camping ax);

Purchasing requirements for 'Business Opportunity Treasure':

1. Mug wooden handle; stainless steel car mug; ceramic jars;

2. Ready-made clothing, men's, women's and children's clothing; women's underwear; fashion clothing;

3. Digital set-top box; 3C electronics, consumer electronics;

4. Plush toys, small furniture; maternal and infant products are all acceptable;

5. Beauty; accessories; hats; sunglasses, women's high heels, high-quality toys, new and convenient home appliances; sewing machine bags; tactical bags;

6. Pet supplies (bird feeders; cat climbing frames);

7. Home decoration items, holiday decoration items; such as dining chairs/children's chairs/carts, sofas, office furniture, etc.; home decoration accessories; electric cleaning brushes and other household items; mercury thermometers; gift boxes

8. Hardware tools;

9. Desk lampslighting fixtures; starry sky atmosphere lights;



12. Automobile and motorcycle accessories (carburetor repair kits, connectors, lamps, etc.);

For more business opportunities, please pay attention to the official account and video account of the Cross-Trade Fair

China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair would like to thank more and more suppliers and buyers for their trust and support. The exhibition will live up to expectations and use the advantages of the new highland to optimize high-quality suppliers, sellers, buyers and platform resources and build bridges. Promote more cooperation and achieve mutual benefits as a bridge of mutual benefit.


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