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In 2023, China Cross-border E-commerce Fair will be the first in the country to launch 'Cross-border Clinic'

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In 2023, China Cross-border E-commerce Fair will be the first in the country to launch 'Cross-border Clinic'

Diagnosis of difficult points with pulse and zero-distance consultation

The 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is the first in the country to launch the 'Cross-border Clinic'. The organizing committee has set up three major clinics: a senior sales consultation room, a cross-border platform consultation room, and a cross-border service consultation room, and has invited more than 50 people. 56 experts including senior big sellers, service providers, and platforms attended the exhibition, covering Amazon, Alibaba International Station, TEMU, SHEIN and other platforms, cross-border services such as payment, logistics, warehousing, finance and taxation, compliance, independent stations, and selection. products, orders, traffic, categories, brands and operations.Closed-door consultations were held on-site to provide grassroots cross-border e-commerce companies with personalized question-answering services on how to improve their operational capabilities. More than 2,000 people made appointments for consultations.

'We modeled on the hierarchical outpatient clinics of hospitals and established a 'general + specialist' hierarchical diagnosis and treatment model to provide precise and targeted services to grassroots businesses and help the project to be successfully implemented.' Chen Danfeng, chairman of Fujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd., said, Cross-border e-commerce faces many challenges in the complex overseas environment. Differences in policies, laws, regulations, and cultures of different countries have caused many overseas enterprises to encounter the problem of 'acclimatization'.Uniting and absorbing all forces in the industry through 'expert consultation' is the way to solve the problem.

Yang Xiulian, a special consultant who has been engaged in foreign trade for 19 years, told reporters, 'Business friends are generally concerned about how to transform and upgrade traditional foreign trade to cross-border e-commerce, but there is a lack of correct methods and guidance. Our 'cross-border clinic' is to solve this problem.' These problems. ' Yang Xiulian elaborated on the underlying logic of cross-border e-commerce transformation and upgrading to merchants, and carried out target management through team building, product sorting, planning solutions and other strategies. Customers and market needs should be the guide, and internal and external integration should be done well. Create differentiated products and build brand core competitiveness.

'Feeling the pulse and solving difficult problems, asking for zero-distance consultation', the cross-border clinic expert advisory group has solved the difficulties and pain points of cross-border e-commerce development under the influence of different environments for grassroots cross-border e-commerce companies, and has been widely praised by the industry.Chen Danfeng said that in the future, he will build a more sophisticated and professional 'cross-border outpatient clinic' platform, continue to do a good job in assisting people with difficulties, and deeply solve the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of enterprises.


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