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'Hurricane: Across the Crossverse' The fish-eating Qiang brother transforms into a big-selling Jianghu road

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'Hurricane: Across the Crossverse' The fish-eating Qiang brother transforms into a big-selling Jianghu road

The atmosphere at the dinner table was solemn.Gao Qiqiang suppressed his anger and watched the villagers of Mang Village swaggering away in public. His hands could not stop trembling. He turned to Tang Xiaohu and said: 'Help me find Lao Mo and tell him that I want to eat fish.'Tang Xiaohu was stunned and hesitantly said: 'Old Mo...Old Mo is not here.'Gao Qiqiang was furious, butBut he still restrained himself and whispered in a calm tone: 'Where are the others?'Tang Xiaohu trembled and said: He..He went to attend a crossover meeting.'

Gao Qiqiang looked at Tang Xiaohu: 'Oh? Really? Do you know what the situation is now? How can he still be in the mood to participate in some cross-exchange meeting! Say it! Say it!.

Tang Xiaohu pretended to be calm, took a deep breath and said, 'Brother Qiang, don't be angry. The cross-exhibition that Lao Mo went to was not an ordinary exhibition.The 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is a national-level professional exhibition that the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce has continuously participated in hosting. It is a cross-border cross-border joint effort created by leading enterprises in the national exhibition industry, cross-border e-commerce industry, and foreign trade industry. Cross-border e-commerce 6P Innovation Fair is the first and largest cross-border e-commerce exhibition in China.'

After hearing this, Gao Qiqiang sighed and said: 'No matter how powerful it is! The wind is high and the sea is rough, and the price of fish is very high! How dare he!'

Seeing that Gao Qiqiang's tone had softened, Tang Xiaohu quickly received the message: 'Brother Qiang, you don't know this.The China Cross-Trade Fair covers an area of ​​72,000 square meters, with exhibition areas for shoes, clothing, textiles, bags and sporting goods, lighting, hardware, garden, automobile and motorcycle accessories, maternal and infant toys and pet supplies, home furnishings and daily necessities, gifts, stationery and beauty exhibition areas, and 3C electronic home appliances exhibition areas. .'

After hearing this, Gao Qiqiang raised the corners of his mouth slightly, nodded and said: 'Interesting! Let's go, I'll go see what the exhibition that Lao Mo wants to see is like.'

When Tang Xiaohu heard this, he was secretly happy, my mission was completed!

Gao Qiqiang may have never dreamed that at the beginning of this banquet, he would be unable to extricate himself from the situation where I invited him to the cross-exchange meeting.

March 18th, cross-section meeting.

Gao Qiqiang finally came with a group of younger brothers, 'Haha, it's not bad, it was done in a good way.'I was sitting at the buyer's reception desk and sawThey were secretly happy when they arrived, but there was no expression on their faces.As the organizer, I have never seen anything big, so I immediately replied: 'Thank you, let's find a place to sit and chat while eating Buddha Jumping Over the Wall. Let's agree in advance that I won't sit at the children's table.'

'No, let's talk about it. You tried every possible means to get me here. What is your purpose?' Gao Qiqiang said solemnly.'I won't beat around the bush. I invite you here this time because I want to discuss cooperation with you.''Cooperation? Why should I cooperate with you? In Jinghai, even if a coin falls from the sky, it must be named Gao!''Brother Qiang, listen to me, ours is a cross-border e-commerce exhibition. I know you are very powerful in Jinghai, but you have never thought about going out. I am afraid that small Jinghai can no longer satisfy your appetite! When it comes to going overseas, I know what you are worried about. You see, these are the cross-border e-commerce platforms coming to our exhibition this time, and they are only part of them.

As for suppliers, I believe Brother Qiang has his own way, butOur suppliers are all carefully selected by the organizer from more than 60 high-quality industrial zones across the country. There are more than 2,000+ manufacturing companies, cross-border e-commerce platforms and service providers, cross-border e-commerce platforms and service providers that are upgrading or already have flexible supply capabilities. The lineup formed in the comprehensive e-commerce test area is first-rate.'Gao Qiqiang was thoughtful and immediately asked: 'Even so, I don't know how to operate it. What's the use! Cross-border e-commerce doesn't just do it.'

I secretly rejoiced, I took the bait.But I still said calmly: 'Of course I know,We held a series of special events on-site, such as the China Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum and Deloitte Top 30 Release. We worked with Deloitte to select the top 30 cross-border e-commerce leaders on-site, and many platform service providers shared on-site, such as Amazon Official special show, Chasing the Waves overseas business opportunities quickly settled in Walmart, the exhibition Hongtu Bay attracted attention - eBay 2023 sets sail on a new direction, SHEIN closed-door matchmaking and other activities. At the same time, TEMU also chose the China Cross-Trade Fair for its first appearance in the industry and held it on-site TEMU closed-door matchmaking meeting'.

Moreover, Brother Qiang, we have also implemented something new this time. We have joined forces with many well-known service providers to hold senior sales consultation activities to help sellers understand the most suitable operating model at the moment and solve the pain points of going overseas in one stop, and provide personalized consultations. Q&A service, you can go to them to learn from them and help you go from 0 to 1.

This is the complete schedule of forum meetings and activities. Brother Qiang, you can plan your itinerary here.

Gao Qiqiang gradually smiled after hearing this. At this time, I also pursued the victory, 'Brother Qiang, you don't have to worry at all. Our service providers come from many cross-border e-commerce supporting industries, including cross-border logistics, overseas warehousing, software technology, Talent training, brand operation, financial payment, taxation and customs declaration, channel distribution, diversion marketing and many other enterprises, including many leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises, have direct one-stop arrangements.''Okay, okay, okay', Gao Qiqiang turned around and was about to leave. I asked tentatively: 'I know Brother Qiang has more than just what is in front of him. I wonder if you are excited about our exhibition?'Having been a fox for many years, how could Gao Qiqiang not know what I was thinking: 'Can't it be enough that I will come to the exhibition next time? You have reserved a spot for me! It must be in a conspicuous position at the door as soon as you enter! The rest is Leave it to Tang Xiaohu. Okay, the time is up, it’s time to go.'I was just thinking about whether to send him out, when my cell phone rang suddenly.I rubbed my eyes and looked at my phone. It was my boss. Why did I fall asleep at work...


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