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Help the development of cross-border e-commerce!'Xingqitu Human Resources Management' participated in the 2023 China Cross-Trade Fair for the first time, and the booth was popular

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Help the development of cross-border e-commerce!'Xingqitu Human Resources Management' participated in the 2023 China Cross-Trade Fair for the first time, and the booth was popular

On March 18, the 2023 China Cross-Border Trade Fair grandly opened at the Fuzhou Straits International Convention and Exhibition Center.The exhibition hall was crowded with people, brand exhibitors gathered, and business negotiations were in full swing.In addition to the re-participation of 'old friends' such as Alibaba International Station, Made in China, Amazon Global Store, etc., this trade fair also welcomed a number of 'new friends' to join.As the only human resources service company in this exhibition, 'Xingqitu Human Resources Management' became a popular gathering place as soon as it appeared. It successfully signed contracts with 46 companies on the first day.

Success is achieved through talent, and career is achieved through talent.Cross-border e-commerce is becoming a new engine for global economic and trade in the digital era.At the same time, human resource management capabilities are also facing new challenges as the industrial value chain continues to extend.In particular, small, medium and micro cross-border e-commerce companies urgently need to solve problems such as difficult personnel management, high talent operation costs, and the inability to focus on core tasks to maximize efficiency.

At this exhibition, Qiye Talent Development Group made a stunning appearance with its one-stop worry-free hosting product 'Xingqitu', which attracted countless fans!'Xingqitu' empowers cross-border e-commerce with a digital talent management mechanism, providing a one-stop experience with full coverage of service functions such as recruitment management, personnel processes, attendance review, salary accounting, performance appraisal, etc., targeting cross-border e-commerce A series of human resources pain points common to enterprises, such as 'difficulty in recruiting', 'no team', 'unprofessional', and 'high cost', etc. We will create supporting products and services in depth to help cross-border e-commerce Enterprises break through talent management bottlenecks.Exhibitors who visit the exhibition area can also enjoy five benefits and preferential activities, including a free 'Xingqitu' hosting package worth 12,000 yuan, which has been popular among everyone.

In addition, as an enterprise with 14 years of experience in comprehensive human resources services, Qiye Talent Development Group has simultaneously launched e-commerce enterprise talent recruitment, e-commerce enterprise personnel management, overseas technical talent outsourcing and other businesses. In terms of resource allocation and system It provides strong support to enterprises in terms of establishment, business layout, risk avoidance and other aspects, in order to help cross-border e-commerce grow efficiently.

On March 19th, the exhibition area of ​​Qiye Talent Development Group still continued to be very popular and very popular as on the first day of the exhibition.There is an endless stream of exhibitors coming for consultation, exchange and negotiation.

A business owner from Hangzhou said frankly, 'Overseas team building has been a major challenge for our company in recent years. In addition to talent supply issues, local compliance has also had an impact on our overseas business expansion.' After learning about the business of Qiye Talent Development Group, he immediately said that overseas personnel outsourcing is very targeted and hopes to reach cooperation with Qiye.

Join hands across borders and steadily expand overseas.For Qiye Group, being invited to participate in the exhibition this time is not only a showcase of the brand's professional innovation achievements in recent years, but also an excellent stage for the perfect integration of its own products, projects, resources and cross-border e-commerce.

Mr. Zhang of Qiye Group said in an interview that the theme of the company's exhibition this time is 'A Little Flower', which aims to help companies improve the construction and optimization of their own human resources systems at a lower cost and promote high-quality development of companies.Taking Xingqitu as an example, the cost of a basic service covering an enterprise’s daily human resources management services is lower than the cost of hiring a full-time personnel. On the basis of this fee, the enterprise enjoys the targeted services of a professional team. , its cost-effectiveness is self-evident.He pointed out that if companies follow traditional practices and establish a local human resources system step by step, not only will it take a long time and cost, but the high registration and service fees will also increase the company's operating costs.If you use personnel outsourcing services, small, medium and micro enterprises can invest more resources in core tasks to cope with the ever-changing market economic situation.

At present, the 'personnel outsourcing service' model is gradually being applied to cross-border e-commerce.Next, Qiye Talent Development Group will also join hands with the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform Midoduo to create better and more comprehensive personnel service solutions to help cross-border e-commerce flourish.


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