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Government and enterprises join forces to create cross-border e-commerce ecosystem

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Government and enterprises join forces to create cross-border e-commerce ecosystem

In order to better build a national-level cross-border e-commerce platform, give full play to the combined advantages of the government, cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade industry, and exhibition industry, and strive to build the first brand in China’s cross-border e-commerce industry, December 24, Fujian Province Hang Dong, deputy director of the Department of Commerce, convened the heads of relevant departments and enterprises such as the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Fuzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, Fuzhou Free Trade Area Management Committee, China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Organizing Committee, and other relevant departments to study the further integration of cross-border All elements of e-commerce promote the improvement and upgrading of the cross-border e-commerce industry chain.

A few days ago, the State Council executive meeting further encouraged the development of new foreign trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce. It will add a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, cultivate a number of offshore trade center cities (regions), and increase investment in the construction and use of overseas warehouses in a market-oriented manner. support.This year, the State Council has repeatedly emphasized the important role of cross-border e-commerce in promoting the development of foreign trade.Taking advantage of the opportunity of the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair to be held again in Fujian, all parties discussed in depth how to respond to and implement the country's industrial deployment, gathering the data, financing, logistics, parks, talents, technology, etc. of cross-border e-commerce across the country. elements, effectively connecting all links and forming an efficient and standardized cross-border e-commerce industry chain.All parties reached a consensus on government and enterprises joining forces to better build a cross-border e-commerce industry circle and jointly supporting the success of the new China Cross-border Trade Fair.

According to the latest development trend of the cross-border e-commerce industry, this China Cross-border Trade Fair will specifically invite important platforms from RCEP countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN to participate in the exhibition, focusing on inviting senior executives from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopee, TikTok and other platforms to participate. As of now, a total of 45 platforms have signed up to participate in the exhibition.During the exhibition, the 'Silk Road E-commerce' international cooperation forum hosted by the Ministry of Commerce will focus on the integration of RCEP cross-border e-commerce elements and invite former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to deliver a speech. Representatives from other ASEAN countries will attend the meeting to discuss development together. Big plan.The exhibition will work with Deloitte to launch China's cross-border e-commerce index and blue book, and invite TikTok officials to hold a cross-border live broadcast and independent website conference for the first time.Riding on the popular reputation of the first edition, more than 100 distinctive industrial belts suitable for cross-border e-commerce flexible supply chains from 22 provinces and cities across the country participated in the exhibition. It is expected that the actual number of merchants attending the exhibition will once again exceed 100,000.The exhibition has attracted widespread attention and comprehensive coverage from traditional and new media such as central media, foreign media, and industry media. It is expected that the number of exposures will reach more than 1 billion.Through three-dimensional measures such as activities, investment promotion, exhibition promotion, and publicity, China Cross-border Trade Fair continues to lead and innovate the development of cross-border e-commerce trade fairs, serving as a good model for other domestic provinces and cities to successfully replicate cross-border e-commerce themed activities, and setting a good example for cross-border e-commerce. Xinghuo has set a good example in many comprehensive examination areas across the country.


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