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Duoduo Cross-Border Temu Airborne 2023 China Cross-border Trade Fair

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Duoduo Cross-Border Temu Airborne 2023 China Cross-border Trade Fair

Activity introduction

Temu, a cross-border e-commerce platform owned by Pinduoduo.

In 2022, Pinduoduo will have more than 800 million users, becoming the fastest e-commerce platform to exceed one trillion yuan in turnover less than five years after its founding.

Duoduo Cross-border Temu is Pinduoduo’s newly launched cross-border overseas business. Relying on the platform’s advantages in the domestic market, supply chain and e-commerce experience, as well as the recent cross-border overseas policy, we decided to enter this field and provide more sellers with better services. Faster and more convenient channels to contact overseas consumers and expand your business scope.Since its launch, it has quickly topped the APP Store download list, with cumulative downloads exceeding 10 million.

In this event, we can learn how Temu quickly established a foothold in the inward-looking U.S. market, how Chinese sellers settled on the Temu platform and quickly increased their sales, and the direction of Temu's efforts in 23 years.

event agenda

Temu platform introduction

Category analysis, mainly for clothing, home furnishing and other categories

Temu sellers take the stage to analyze

90 minutes presentation + 30 minutes interaction

Event guest: Mao Er

Duoduo Cross-border Investment Director


the speech topic:Temu platform bonus and 2023 seller guide

Analyze the performance of clothing, home furnishing and other categories on Temu, and guide sellers on how to quickly increase volume

TEMU closed-door matchmaking event

Participation places are now in hot demand

# Participation benefits

1. Analysis of the latest policies of the platform + tips for quickly starting Temu business

2. Green channel for opening a store on the platform + interactive answers to questions on site

3. One-to-one follow-up docking with Temu platform manager

4. Platform parties/supplier companies/cross-border sellers gather for face-to-face communication

Clothing and home furnishing suppliers and sellers are sincerely invited to attend the conference!

# ways of registration

Exhibitor benefits, limited quota, registration via code


Official public account
Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center No. 198, Nanjiangbin Avenue, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
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