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Don't listen to hearsay, just come.

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Don't listen to hearsay, just come.


do not go!Cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia is not easy to do!

In fact, it is you who failed to do this...

Large potential, rapid development, young population structure, and full of vitality have become the labels of the Southeast Asian market.In 2016, Alibaba,, etc. have already entered the Southeast Asian e-commerce market.Judging from the mature e-commerce market, the Southeast Asian market still has room for improvement of at least 8-10 times, and the prospects are very broad.Cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia has always been very popular. The names 'Lazada' and 'Shopee' are all high-frequency words for cross-border e-commerce.Many people entered the game one after another, but unexpectedly they all lost money in the end.

There are basically two reasons why it cannot be done despite relying on a huge consumer market:

on the one handThe local e-commerce market still needs to be improved.on the other handIt is a product that is 'acclimated to the local environment'.

So how can we gain a foothold in the Southeast Asian market and win?

To find out more, the Organizing Committee of China International Trade Fair visited a number of senior sellers to understand the pain points and demands of Southeast Asian sellers from their own perspective.The answer is actually very simple, that isTail goods!!!

Why is it a waste product?!!

Southeast Asia is mostly developing countries with low incomes, and consumers like to compare prices.The price of tail goods is low, which is a good source of goods for cross-border e-commerce.

Many people think that tail goods are defective products or products that no one wants.In fact, we can’t generalize, as the quality of some off-stock products is very impressive.Price is the main factor that affects sales. If you can get products with reliable quality and low price, you will have a great competitive advantage. After all, high quality and low price, no one will find it unpalatable, and consumers all over the world are the same.

The goods are good, but I don’t know where to find them?High-quality factories often have regular wholesalers to cooperate with, and tail goods are not always available. Unless you are a well-informed veteran who has been immersed in various factories for many years, otherwise, if you receive a message and contact the factory, your day lilies may be cold. '.

So how can 'newbies' find reliable sources of goods?

Those sellers all mentioned the China Cross Trade Fair, an exhibition they must attend every year.There are many high-quality factories that are deeply involved in foreign trade and understand customer needs. There are also some exhibitors with high-quality products, especially clothing, which has the largest demand in the Southeast Asian market.If you want to enter Southeast Asia, or are eager to find reliable suppliers, come to China Cross Trade Fair, it is a one-stop purchasing paradise that you should not miss!

Want to know more about Southeast Asia

Welcome to consult the Southeast Asia Group of Cross-Trade Fair


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