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Crowdsourcing Logistics--Focus on the first leg of FBA from the United States and Canada

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Crowdsourcing Logistics--Focus on the first leg of FBA from the United States and Canada

Shenzhen Crowdsourcing Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. is the earliest leading company in the field of FBA logistics. It has long been focusing on cross-border e-commerce logistics services. With global network configuration, it develops efficient logistics warehousing management systems and builds a professional service team to provide cross-border e-commerce logistics services. Cross-border e-commerce sellers provide efficient, high-quality and safe one-stop cross-border e-commerce logistics services and high-end customized logistics solutions.

The business covers multiple regions and channels, including FBA first leg in the United States, Canada, and Europe, dropshipping for medium and large items from overseas warehouses, full container shipping, and China-Europe trains to meet the different logistics needs of cross-border e-commerce sellers and has comprehensive capabilities. The chain’s resource integration capabilities, reliable shipping space and advantageous prices.The whole process of self-built channels, independent operation, and guaranteed compliance when going overseas provides cross-border sellers with safe and stable cross-border e-commerce logistics services.

With the Shenzhen headquarters as the core, the company covers Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Ningbo, Xiamen, etc., realizing door-to-door delivery nationwide, providing cross-border e-commerce sellers with customs clearance and door-to-door logistics services in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The self-developed logistics system provides online Check the price, place an order with one click, track the whole process, and the nodes are transparent.

FBA/FBM first leg

US FBA shipping line direct delivery

American unboxing of sea cards

ZIM ZIM Clippers

Mason Clippers

Yantian Haipai

Canada Haika

Canadian Shanghai style

Sino-German special line

European VAT deferred line


United States, Canada, Europe

Shipping FCL booking



Overseas warehouse

5 overseas warehouses in Los Angeles

1 overseas warehouse in Houston

3 overseas warehouses in New York

Both support dropshipping and transit services

China-Europe freight train

China-Europe Railway Map Scheduled Train SOC/COC

Departing from South China

Destination: Marat/Hamburg/Duisburg

Contact number18124657462



Official public account
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