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Cross borders without borders!Online business matchmaking is off to a successful start

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Cross borders without borders!Online business matchmaking is off to a successful start

The China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair continues to innovate its exhibition service model, and always insists on providing exhibitors with value-added services for online and offline activities throughout the year, breaking the boundaries of time and geography, and realizing the supply and procurement of cross-border e-commerce industries at home and abroad before the exhibition. The industry exchanges between the two parties accurately match the business needs of both parties and actively promote direct negotiations between the two parties.

This month, the Cross-Trade Fair activity group successfully held four business matching activities. Among them, on the morning of December 30, the first special one-on-one online business matching session of the spring exhibition was launched.This one-on-one matchmaking meeting uses the Tencent Conference APP as the platform and sincerely invites 10 suppliers to conduct online matchmaking to discuss cooperation and future development through one-on-one online negotiations.

Full preparation and extensive collection

During the warm-up period, the 'Purchasing Demand Collection Order' was issued for this business matching meeting, which opened quotas free of charge to exhibitors and purchasers of the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair, and the project staff will collect the matching needs of buyers and sellers. Filter and match.All buyers who participate in business matching will provide basic company background, including company size, purchasing purpose and other information for preliminary background checks to help ensure the quality of the buyers.At the same time, the supplier industry covers daily household consumer goods, shoes, clothing, textiles, bags, sporting goods, 3C electronic and digital home appliances, etc. The categories are diverse and complete, and the products are high-quality and rich.

Platform communication, precise docking

The online matchmaking session lasted for an hour and received an overwhelming response.Fujian Tourism and Trade Industrial Co., Ltd., Shishi Kasitu Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Jianou Jinxuan Bamboo Industry, Fujian Meizhikou Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Kangbaifu Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Youxi County Sanxing Bamboo and Wooden Products Co., Ltd. The corresponding person in charge used the Tencent conference platform to promote the representative products of their respective companies through PPT and physical display. Then the purchasers asked questions based on their own procurement needs. The two parties interacted frequently and gradually deepened their understanding.Due to the limited meeting time, in some sessions where there was active communication, the staff of the cross-trade activity group will regroup the suppliers and buyers to continue contact after the meeting.

Feedback from some participating companies

Mr. Chen of Fujian Meizhikou Technology Co., Ltd. said: The organizer is serious and responsible. After some exchanges, we can feel that the invited sellers are very professional and very suitable for our products. We look forward to reaching a deal with the sellers in the future, and hope to be able to do so in the future. There are more opportunities for such direct exchanges and communication.

Manager Huang of Youxi County Samsung Bamboo and Wooden Products Co., Ltd. said: Thanks to the organizer for the invitation, the communication process of the entire online business matching meeting was very smooth. The face-to-face communication also allowed us to better understand the needs of sellers in the cross-border e-commerce industry. For The effect of this matching activity is still very satisfactory.I hope the organizer can hold more events and screen and match more high-quality sellers.

Enterprise praise

In the future, the cross-trade project team will continue to launch more online business matching activities, further improve buyer screening, pre-exhibition pre-matching and other links, so that buyers and suppliers can achieve 'borderless' pre-exhibition communication throughout the year. communicate, explore potential business opportunities, and in the follow-up work, timely and meticulous follow-up visits to participating companies, truly allowing both suppliers and buyers to fully enjoy the 'integrated' and 'one-stop' exhibition Serve.

Next event preview:

January 5 (Wednesday) 14:00

Live broadcast of online business matchmaking between China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair suppliers and Southeast Asian sellers

Now recruiting more suppliers and buyers to participate in the matchmaking meeting

If you are a global debut product or a hot product suitable for cross-border e-commerce, you will have a chance to participate in the 'New and Hot Product Matchmaking Meeting' at the exhibition on March 18~

Add WeChat'China Cross-Trade Fair-Assistant' to learn about registration

For more industry information and event information, scan the QR code on Douyin to follow 'Uncle Ye's Cross-border Factory Visit'


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