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Cross-border e-commerce is a relay race

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Cross-border e-commerce is a relay race


Run hard and pass the stick on

'Improve cross-border service levels and support the globalization of China's manufacturing industry'

'It is recommended that local governments, commercial departments and customs give priority to supporting Chinese companies to use China's cross-border e-commerce platform to go global and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.'

At the 2023 National Two Sessions, the high-quality development of 'cross-border e-commerce' has become a hot topic.In the past few years, cross-border e-commerce has experienced a 'short run' and a 'long-distance run'. In the end, everyone agreed and began to realize that 'cross-border e-commerce is a relay race.'

Two years ago in the spring, when the first China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as 'China Cross-border E-commerce Fair') was held in Fuzhou, 'Cross-border E-commerce' was more like a brand for foreign traders. Timely rain.

'At that time, hundreds of thousands of Chinese foreign trade companies were affected by the epidemic and were unable to go abroad to explore markets. More than 300,000 foreign buyers were also unable to purchase in China. Cross-border e-commerce became the only bridge connecting Chinese goods and overseas consumption.' Chen Danfeng, executive vice president of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export and general manager of Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of the cross-trade fair, said.

While foreign traders regard 'cross-border e-commerce' as a stopgap measure, veteran sellers and novices from all walks of life are deeply intoxicated by its alluring 'halo of sudden wealth' and rush to enter the market.

The first 'China Cross-Trade Fair' also became a blockbuster. It appeared that it was 'hard to find a booth' before the exhibition, 'it was hard to find a room' in the hotel during the exhibition, and 'it was hard to find a ticket' for the high-speed rail after the exhibition. grand occasion.According to statistics, the first 'China Cross-Trade Fair' attracted more than 62,000 domestic and foreign buyers to participate in the exhibition, and the intended transaction volume exceeded US$3.5 billion.

While foreign traders regard 'cross-border e-commerce' as a stopgap measure, veteran sellers and novices from all walks of life are deeply intoxicated by its alluring 'halo of sudden wealth' and rush to enter the market.

Starting from the second half of 2021, the entire industry began to reflect. 'Brand, independent station, and multi-channel layout' have become the new cross-border secrets. People are convinced that in the future, cross-border e-commerce will have 'an independent station for everyone'. From now on, everyone The competition is to see who can run farther.In this regard, Deng Hai of Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd., who has been deeply involved in the operation of independent websites for many years, has deep experience. In the current era of accelerating changes in the world, it has become a consensus for brands to go overseas, and refined operations have become a must. Only competing with peers for speed, endurance, and efficiency. The winner-takes-all limited game logic obviously no longer applies.

On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for China to simply export products to overseas markets.Deng Hai believes that if China's manufacturing industry wants to achieve a higher market share in the world, its industrial capabilities must also be globalized, and its supply chain capabilities must also be globalized. Only then can it truly participate in the global economic cycle and be able to compete in the new economic globalization. Seize more opportunities in the pattern.

Chen Danfeng also believes that in history, there has never been a caravan that directly transported silk and porcelain from Chang'an to Rome and completed the entire journey alone.The real Silk Road was actually completed by dozens or even dozens of caravan relays. Each participating caravan often only traveled to and from a section of the trade route that it was familiar with.When we are committed to building a new digital trade channel, we can refer to the collaboration model of the ancient Silk Road. 'Cross-border e-commerce is ultimately a relay race.'

This year marks the tenth year since General Secretary Xi Jinping launched the 'Belt and Road' initiative.In the past ten years, my country has established 21 free trade pilot zones, 165 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, and established 'Silk Road e-commerce' bilateral cooperation mechanisms with 22 countries. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, as of the end of 2021, The number of Chinese overseas warehouses exceeds 2,000.

At the 'China Cross-Trade Fair', more and more buyers and exhibitors from countries along the 'Belt and Road' appeared.Chen Danfeng introduced that this year's 'China Cross-Trade Fair' set an industry precedent in the preparatory stage by going overseas for offline promotion and conducting global promotion through multiple online activities.During the year, we also plan to hold cross-trade overseas sessions in the Philippines and other countries to promote deeper cooperation between domestic and overseas enterprises.'Buy China, sell the world' is rapidly moving towards 'buy the world, sell the world'.

A digital trade network linking the global market has jumped out of the sea, and an era of great navigation for the Chinese has arrived.In this relay race, there are you and me. Everyone must run hard and remember to pass the stick on.


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