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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider Chapter' Lihang Supply Chain Management

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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider Chapter' Lihang Supply Chain Management

#Overseas Warehouse#Local e-commerce distribution platform

Lihang Supply Chain Management is a provider specializing in cross-border e-commerce logistics services and overseas warehousing services in Southeast Asia. With many years of experience in international logistics and ERP system research and development, and relying on its independently developed supply chain management system, it provides sellers with: Full-link supporting services required by cross-border e-commerce such as small parcels, domestic and international warehousing, dedicated logistics lines, and customs clearance in destination countries.

The company provides a series of services such as warehouse clearance and distribution, full-link logistics tracking, and advantageous channels for each line.There are collection points in Guangzhou, Jinjiang, Yiwu, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and other places.

The company has multinational companies and multiple self-built warehouses overseas. By developing a cross-border e-commerce supply chain management system, it synchronizes e-commerce platform orders to the system, reasonably packages seller orders and sends them to transit warehouses for shipment as quickly as possible.

The company's current business scope covers many Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.Through cooperation with Fujian Yaoyuan Trading, which has been deeply involved in Sino-Philippine trade for many years, the company has built and put into use No. 1 warehouse in the Philippines, with a usable area of ​​2,500 square meters. In the second phase, No. 2 warehouse and No. 3 warehouse have been reserved and can be put into use at any time. Jieshi Warehousing The total area will reach more than 10,000 square meters.

Relying on years of experience in overseas warehouse services, the company has built a local e-commerce distribution platform to serve Southeast Asian sellers. The distribution supports Shopee, Lazada, independent stations and other platforms to help sellers effectively solve the worries of capital occupation and unsalable goods.


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