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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider Chapter' Eurasian Express Railway

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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider Chapter' Eurasian Express Railway

Eurasian Express (Shenzhen) International Logistics Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of 'European Railway Dedicated Line', a professional China-Europe freight train FBA dealer, and one of the first companies to operate railway logistics trains. Its business covers China-Europe freight trains, Sea, land and air transportation, refined warehousing, European and American FBA Amazon B2B and B2C transportation and distribution.

The Eurasian Express Railway focuses on cross-border e-commerce logistics services such as European railways, European maritime transport, European air transport, British railways, British maritime transport, British air transport, and European overseas warehouses. The company maintains a long-term and stable cooperative relationship and has a number of safe, stable and fast international shipping and air logistics lines, serving tens of thousands of cross-border enterprises. It has a self-operated overseas customs clearance team, which ensures the safety, timeliness and customs clearance service level of goods. Leading the industry in other aspects.

European Eurasia Company is located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and has established overseas warehouses in many European countries; overseas warehouses such as Lodz in Poland, Hamburg in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Budapest in Hungary support one-piece drop-shipping customized system logistics services. The last mile in Europe relies on UPS support. Service, terminal delivery can be customized.Domestically, we rely on Shenzhen as the main warehouse, branches in major cities: Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an and other national outlets and distribution warehouses, with more than 200 employees, forming a logistics network covering the whole country and radiating to Europe. Service Network.

As the executive director unit of Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Association, Eurasia Express Railway has been awarded the title of Shenzhen’s Excellent Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Service Provider many times.With a professional logistics team, complete qualifications and a complete logistics service system, Eurasia Express Railway will provide customers with tailor-made logistics solutions, with response speed, safety and efficiency as the service tenets in every process link. , and rely on the logistics management system and warehousing logistics system introduced with huge investment to provide customers with professional and efficient logistics star-level services.


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