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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider Chapter' Azov Trademark

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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider Chapter' Azov Trademark

One business label one

#cross-border e-commerce customization service #cross-border first trademark trading platform #professional American lawyer #Intellectual property application pass rate reaches 98% #R standard resources reach 6000+

Azov, founded in 2016, is a comprehensive intellectual property service provider focusing on cross-border areas.We provide cross-border enterprises with intellectual property services such as global trademark registration and transactions, patent and copyright applications, VAT registration, and overseas company registration.

Based in China and serving the world, Azov provides the most professional cross-border intellectual property services to cross-border industry customers, and is a comprehensive service provider that can truly help Chinese brands go overseas.In addition, Azov is rooted in the cross-border industry and is well versed in the branding trend of the cross-border industry. It is committed to promoting branding and providing the best and most comprehensive layout for all Chinese companies in their overseas transformation.(Today, the Azov Intellectual Property team has served more than 40,000 groups of customers, and the U.S. trademark registration pass rate is as high as 98%.)

In 2019, Azov's 'Global R-Mark Trading' segment business was launched, aiming to help companies protect their brands as soon as possible.As of now, Azov has more than 6,000 trademark resources around the world and can respond to market demand in a more timely manner!

The pass rate is 98%

Professional intellectual property team ensures a high passing rate for trademarks

R-standard resources reach 6000+

There are more than 6,000 ready-made trademark resources in various categories in various countries.

Exclusive trading platform, the first cross-border trademark trading platform, makes trademark transactions more transparent and safer

Professional qualifications

Azov has professional and licensed U.S. attorneys

Exclusive consultant

Dedicated consultants are at your service to answer your questions anytime, anywhere

Trademark risk assessment

Evaluate the pass rate of submitted trademarks to ensure smooth certification of trademarks

Assist with brand registration

Free assistance to sellers in the platform brand registration process

Local subsidy declaration

Help sellers apply for relevant subsidies provided by local governments

Assist in intellectual property layout

Provide sellers with overseas intellectual property layout and comprehensively protect sellers’ intellectual property rights

Cross-border e-commerce customization services

Customized one-stop solution for cross-border e-commerce companies

Azov adheres to the will to provide all customers with the most comprehensive, satisfactory and high-quality trademark services, and improves the level of intellectual property services in an all-round way to make customers feel more at ease and assured.


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