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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider' Beijia International Consultant

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'Cross Friendship Circle - Service Provider' Beijia International Consultant

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Hong Kong Beijia International Consulting Co., Ltd. is a business secretarial service organization recognized by Hong Kong and international lawyers and certified public accountants. Its consulting partners are in China, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Malaysia and other countries and regions. Region, providing legal, accounting, taxation, financial investment, international trade, import and export trade and certification consulting services.

With candor, respect, teamwork and professionalism!

Integrity, professionalism, reliability and responsibility!

Provide the best quality service!

Bejia International facilitates enterprises to go abroad and develop cross-border trade, and is the best partner for enterprises to develop global trade business.


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