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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory' Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd.

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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory' Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd.

One factory label one

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Hengli Electronics was founded in 1996 and is located in Zhangzhou, a famous watch city in China. It covers a total area of ​​48,000 square meters and is one of the leading companies in the Chinese watch industry with an annual output value of 150 million yuan.Based on traditional quartz watch products, the company owns a number of self-operated watch brands, which are deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.In recent years, the company has actively accelerated its layout in cross-border e-commerce business.Currently, the company operates its own Amazon platform in the United States, Japan, and Europe as its main markets, with an annual turnover of 5 million yuan.At the same time, the company is also supplying products to overseas buyers on Wish and Lazada platforms.

The company currently has 450 employees and has multiple lean production lines for watches with excellent quality and complete factory inspection and certification.The company has a complete comprehensive quality assurance system, equipped with provincial laboratories in Fujian Province, and conducts various strict tests on products to ensure quality.The production equipment is complete, including fully automatic precision hardware parts stamping equipment, all-electric precision movement parts injection molding equipment and a fully automatic injection molding workshop.

Watch industryLeading enterprise

China Light Industry Watch Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center

Fujian Watch Industry Industrial Design Research Institute

Vice Chairman Unit of China Watch and Clock Association

Member unit of National Watch and Clock Standardization Technical Committee

Deputy Chairman of the Clock Sub-Technical Committee Unit

President unit of Fujian Home Appliances and Watches Export Base Chamber of Commerce

President unit of Zhangzhou Watch and Clock Industry Association

As an ISO/TC114 appointed expert, Hengli Electronics actively participates in the formulation of standards and strives for international voice.Participated in the formulation and revision of 9 international standards, 8 national standards, and 9 industry standards.

international standards

'Analog Quartz Clock—Coordination Dimensions of Movement and Hands' ISO13074

'Analog Quartz Clock-Travel Time Accuracy' ISO19235: 2015

'Radio Controlled Clock—Signal Reception Test Method' ISO23346:2020

National standard

'Timekeeping Terminology Part 2: Definitions for Technical and Commercial Use' GB/T9820.2-2008

'Dimensions Series for Connection Parts of Timing Instrument Watch Cases and Straps' GB/T4048-2008

'Technical Specifications for Watch and Clock After-sales Repair Services' GB/T30416-2013

'Steps for Clock Evaluation of Quartz Watch Accuracy' GB/T33724-2017

'Coordination Dimensions of Analog Quartz Clock Movements and Hands' GB/T33727-2017

'Classification, Name and Number of Quartz Watch Movements of Timing Instrument Components' GB/T34837-2017

'Design and Dimensions of Timing Instrument Crowns and Sealing Tubes' GB/T34839-2017

'Color range and name of gold alloy covering layer of watch cases and accessories' GB/T36425-2018

'Names of components of complex mechanical watch movements, perpetual calendar and spring mechanism' GB/T36434-2018

'Analog Quartz Clock-Travel Time Accuracy' GB/T38021-2019

'Inorganic and Sapphire Watch Glass Part 1: Dimensions and Tolerances' GB/T39141.1-2020

'Inorganic and sapphire watch glass Part 2: Fitting to watch case with adhesive or sealing ring' GB/T39141.2-2020

Industry Standard

'Mechanical Watch' QB/T1249-2013

'Coordination Dimensions of Analog Quartz Clock Movement and Clock Case' QB/T4777-2014

'Metal Buttons for Watch Cases' QB/T5031-2017

'Connectors for watch straps' QB/T5032-2017

'High Carbon Steel Strip for Table Use' QB/T5174-2017

'Watch Appearance Parts Wearing Environment Test Methods Part 1: General Requirements' QB/T5175.1-2017

'Wearing Environmental Test Methods for Watch Appearance Parts Part 2: Cosmetics Test' QB/T5175.2-2017

'Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Single-Phase Permanent Magnet Stepper Motors for Analog Quartz Clocks' QB/T1038-2020

'Brass Wire for Bells' QB/T1540-2020

'Lead Brass Rods and Wires for Watches and Clocks' QB/T1542-2020

'Watch and Gemstone Components' QB/T2405-2020

Currently, Hengli Electronics holds 204 independent intellectual property patents, including 3 invention patents, 38 utility model patents, and 163 design patents.

Hot Products

COMTEX mechanical watch series 001:

The 40mm watch diameter is compact and exquisite, suitable for both men and women.The case is made of alloy and paired with a cowhide strap for a comfortable wearing experience.The exterior uses extensive polishing and polishing techniques, with beautiful arcs and smooth lines, giving the overall appearance a simple, elegant and textured visual experience.

COMTEX mechanical watch series 002

The design is inspired by roaring engines and speeding sports cars, all of which represent the spirit of adventure and ambition.The appearance design of the watch is unruly and eye-catching.The hollow disk design is like admiring the engine through the transparent engine compartment of a supercar.The eye-catching two symmetrical honeycomb shapes in the middle are derived from the front air grille shape of Lamborghini Huracán.

COMTEX Women's Watch Series Dali Art

The design is inspired by the famous painting 'The Persistence of Memory' by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali.The stainless steel case adopts a special-shaped streamline design, with hidden lugs, and is equipped with a special-shaped sapphire glass mirror, which looks like a melted watch shape.The watch has a diameter of 32 mm and a colored stone dial.The dial is decorated with twisted variations of Roman scales, adding some retro style to the watch.

COMTEX sports watch series

The sides of the watch body are polished, the carbon fiber bezel, the colorful silicone strap, and the calm black dial. These elements are intertwined and blended, and the strong visual impact leaves a deep impression on people.

The side of the watch uses elegant and smooth curves, the lugs show a certain arc, and the chamfers are well polished. The beautiful curves fit the wrist and are ergonomically set.

An anti-slip texture is added around the diving chronograph scale ring, which is more conducive to rotation operation. It adopts a multi-ring design on one watch. The rich details also improve the overall aesthetics of the watch.


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