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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory' Voith (Xiamen) Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory' Voith (Xiamen) Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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Voith (Xiamen) Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in Xiamen, Fujian Province. We are at the forefront of providing quality services for the equestrian market, fitness sports and home applications.We focus on providing high-quality sports products, home gardening products, maternal and infant products, as well as pet and equestrian products, such as EVA fitness mats, EVA water sports mats, TPE yoga mats and assistive devices, EVA indoor and outdoor floor mats, and EVA children's puzzle floor mats. , EVA cat litter mats, EVA dog kennels, sisal cat scratching mats, EVA horse mats, etc., helping us stay ahead of our competitors.Our services include: OEM and labeling services.The factory has passed the BSCI audit, and the products comply with REACH, ROSH, CA65, and CPC standards.Our aim is to lead products with character and lead brands with quality.

FAITH MAT is a brand created by company founder Evan in 2016. It is a brand with the design concept of 'safety, environmental protection, comfort and happiness'.FAITH MAT is shown to everyone in the shape of a shield, which means protection.The green background color means the color of plants and also the meaning of life in Chinese culture, representing nature, ecology and environmental protection.The blue background color represents calmness, honesty, and emphasis on trusting relationships between people.The product implies safety, environmental protection, and trustworthiness to customers, while the company implies facing the world and conveying our teamwork spirit.The company is a comprehensive industrial and trading company integrating production, research and development, sales, import and export.The products cover sports, home gardening, maternal and infant, pet and other products, and have a number of special patents to support customers in small batch purchases.

Cross-border special supply of double-layer environmentally friendly EVA cat litter mats. This product is designed with upper and lower layers. The upper hollow design can take away cat litter from the soles of the cat's feet, and the lower mat is used to collect cat litter.Very convenient when tidying up.The sand control mat made of EVA is waterproof and wear-resistant, so it is no problem to put it in a humid toilet and has no odor.Special-shaped design and color adjustment add interest.

Sisal cat scratching post for claw freedom.Place it anywhere and transform it as you like.Environmentally friendly and not easy to fall off.Anti-slip bottom design, waterproof and moisture-proof.


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