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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory Chapter' Meijiashuang (China) Co., Ltd.

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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory Chapter' Meijiashuang (China) Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Meijiashuang is a global sanitary products company, mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of women's, maternal and infant, and adult sanitary products. The company was founded in 1998 and entered the Chinese market in 2003. It has a development history of twenty years.

With the rapid development of social economy and the continuous advancement of production technology, competition in the sanitary products industry has become increasingly fierce. With its strong production strength, Meijiashuang has steadily expanded its global business territory. The group owns the baby diaper brand 'CHIKOOL' Led by seven well-known sanitary products brands at home and abroad, the brand product sales network covers more than 50 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other countries around the world.Currently, it has supplied products to cross-border e-commerce sellers, mainly on the LAZADA and SHOPEE platforms in the Southeast Asian markets.

development path

In 2003, Meijiashuang officially entered the Chinese market as Meijiashuang (Hong Kong) Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.In 2007 and 2012, Meijiashuang (Fujian) Co., Ltd. and Meijiashuang (China) Co., Ltd. were established, headquartered in Shishi, Fujian.Today, Meijiashuang has four major production bases in China: the first production base is mainly engaged in equipment manufacturing, production and sales; the second production base is mainly engaged in R&D, production, processing and sales of raw materials for sanitary products, with service scope covering base films, It supplies bags, cores and non-woven products; the third production base is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of medical products such as baby hygiene products and masks; the fourth production base is mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of sanitary napkins and adult diapers.The four bases have a total construction area of ​​over 260,000 square meters and have 52 automated production lines for baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers and masks. The annual output of diapers reaches 2.35 billion pieces, and the daily production capacity of masks reaches 8-10 million pieces. The annual output value amounted to 3.5 billion yuan.

Corporate honor

product description

baby diapers

adult care

Mask products

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Official public account
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