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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory Chapter' Jinjiang Trumpeter Clothing Co., Ltd.

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'Cross Friendship Circle-Factory Chapter' Jinjiang Trumpeter Clothing Co., Ltd.

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Jinjiang Trumpeter Clothing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, design, production and sales. It specializes in swimwear, fitness, yoga and other series of products.

In recent years, the company has relied on its keen market sense to accurately capture the development trends of the industry. Its business segments and order volume have continued to increase, and its production scale has continued to expand. The annual total output value exceeds 100 million yuan, and the total production quantity can reach more than 8 million pieces/set. .

The company insists on building the upstream industrial chain system of the industry, investing in the construction of fabric factories, printing factories and the expansion of production scale, which can better control production costs, control product quality to the greatest extent, and speed up the response to market supply.

Company Events


Trumpeter Clothing Co., Ltd. was established


Trumpeter Company improves organizational structure

Initial establishment of product R&D center and sales center


Obtained ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification


Passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

Passed ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification


Launching its own brand - with cutting-edge and fashionable design concepts, unique brand concepts, and new terminal images, it will bring a perfect surprise to the industry.


Established a subsidiary - Haiweiduo Clothing Co., Ltd.

Conduct refined research and development of fitness wear products


Officially launched fitness clothing series products

Selected as '2017 Quanzhou Industrial Leading Enterprise'

Became the only designated manufacturer of Li-Ning brand swimwear category

The company has established a cross-border e-commerce team and is involved in multiple e-commerce platforms such as 1688 platform, Amazon, AliExpress, and Alibaba International.


Private brand ACCA fitness yoga brand Tmall flagship store officially launched online

Added multiple smart production workshops


The cross-border e-commerce team continues to grow steadily, achieving annual sales of over 10 million for the first time.


The cross-border team's performance increased by 200% year-on-year.The domestic 1688 platform has a spot reserve of 2 million pieces.Achieve new models every month and achieve good cooperation with many high-quality cross-border e-commerce leading sellers.

R&D advantages

The company attaches great importance to product development. General Manager Hong Jingxin has a deep understanding and rich guidance experience in the selection of fabrics, application of process technology, and pattern adjustment. He personally participates in market research, analyzes consumer needs, and makes clothing design ideas in line with international standards. Integrate with the fashion industry,

The company's product design has 5 senior designers in the industry, 8 design assistants, and several external designer teams.

The R&D center has 8 senior pattern designers, 3 full-time fitness clothing series pattern designers, and more than 30 experienced sample clothing employees.

Fitness clothing designs

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Production advantages


The trumpeter factory has three production workshops, with a total number of lathes reaching about 500, and 25 production lines, including 12 intelligent hanging system production lines, with a total annual production capacity of up to 8 million sets.


We have long-term cooperation with nearly 20 fabric suppliers, nearly 20 auxiliary material suppliers, more than 10 printing suppliers, and nearly 30 production and processing companies. Not only can production respond quickly, but the outsourced production can reach more than 2 million pieces.


Purchase advanced production equipment to achieve semi-automatic or fully automated production, such as automatic spreading machines, automatic cutting machines, etc., to improve production capacity and response speed to market supply, improve product quality, and thereby increase market share.

Create a complete and complete industrial chain.Integrate the resources of upstream suppliers (fabric and auxiliary material suppliers, production processors, etc.), select high-quality suppliers for long-term cooperation, and set up an IT team to develop the ERP system more comprehensively, open up the upstream, mid-stream and downstream industrial chains, and plan New product development, production ordering, fabric and auxiliary material ordering and warehousing, production outsourcing, finished product warehousing, customer order delivery, customer goods management and other links are all included in scientific and efficient management.

own brand

HAOSHOU swimwear brand



The first station Fall in love with Venice, Italy


Second stop: Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

ACCA fitness clothing brand

Using products as a medium to resonate with consumers and redefine the meaning of sports

life is movement

The ACCA brand is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle to consumers.Its products cover running, yoga, basic sports and other series, mainly serving urban fashion people who are positive about life and pursue quality of life. They insist on enjoying the beautiful things given by life, like to be independent and enjoy every life in their own way. A journey of life.

Cross-border supply of products


Official public account
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