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Continues to be popular!The second day of the 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair was exciting

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Continues to be popular!The second day of the 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair was exciting

The scene continues to be hot and the popularity continues to rise

On the first day of the exhibition, the exhibition was very popular and received strong response, and was recognized by many people in the industry.Today marks the second day of the exhibition. Early in the morning, many visitors were already queuing up at the entrance, waiting to enter the exhibition hall.

The weather is slightly cooler, but it cannot cool down the heat of visiting the exhibition.Affection!

This cross-border trade fair launched the first 'cross-border clinic' in the country, and many buyers stopped to learn about it.

All the clinics are full, and there is an endless stream of friends coming for 'inquiries'.

The popularity of the venue continues to rise, with waves of people arriving.

Comprehensive coverage of hot-selling categories, and a large number of popular products available at one place

Strict cross-sectionOn the basis of the original about 50 industrial belts, it has also absorbed nearly 20 industrial belts from Hunan, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. The products cover home furnishing, crafts, clothing, gardening, lighting, electronic products, Home appliances, pet supplies, machinery, leather goods, bags, shoes, toys, etc.Many of them are well-known brands deeply involved in the foreign trade industry and source suppliers of hot-selling products.

Millions of SKUs, covering cross-border e-commerce hot-selling categories.There are both well-known domestic brands and hot overseas hot-selling products. There are both long-lasting best-sellers and new cross-border specialties.

Using products as the carrier, we provide suppliers with a long-lost on-site signing scene through on-site sample viewing and face-to-face communication, and provide buyers with a tangible and safe product selection scene.

Let’s buy, buy, buy together!Group procurement organized by multiple e-commerce associations

More than 30 e-commerce associations from Jiangsu, Jilin, Shandong, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other places organized groups to come to the exhibition for purchasing

Let’s negotiate!There are new opportunities for cooperation

This exhibition invited export cross-border e-commerce sellers from all over the country to attend the exhibition for procurement. From super-big sellers and listed companies to novices entering the cross-border market, various types of buyers came to the scene.Now we have entered the peak period of negotiation and cooperation, and everyone is actively looking for partners on site.

There is only the last day left for the China Cross-Trade Fair

Seize the last chance, don’t miss this wonderful event


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