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China International Trade Fair holds information conference in Fuzhou

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China International Trade Fair holds information conference in Fuzhou

On December 10, the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Information Conference was held in Fuzhou.

The China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (referred to as: China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair) will be held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18-20, 2022.

With the theme of 'Linking the entire cross-border river basin to build a new e-commerce ecology', the China Cross-border Trade Fair is committed to solving the problem of difficulty in the transformation of foreign trade companies and the lack of good goods in cross-border e-commerce through external outreach and internal organization.In March 2021, the first China Cross-border Trade Fair attracted more than 2,300 companies and 33 cross-border e-commerce platforms from around the world to participate in the exhibition. 62,000 professional merchants from the national cross-border e-commerce field attended the exhibition, and the total number of visitors reached 130,000. people.

According to the person in charge of the organizing committee, China Cross-Trade Fair has many advantages:First, large scale, the exhibition will continue to cover an area of ​​72,000 square meters in 2022, with 2,500 international standard booths;Second, high specifications, China Cross Trade Fair is a national professional exhibition co-sponsored by the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce;Third, the supply chain is strong, the exhibition has seven major supply exhibition areas, gathering more than 2,500 source supply companies from 60 industrial zones across the country, many of which are well-known brands deeply involved in the foreign trade industry, suppliers of hot-selling products, and source factories;Fourth, the entire industrial chain, platforms, logistics, overseas warehouses, financing, payment, talent, software and other sections related to cross-border e-commerce are also involved in the entire chain, meeting the diverse needs of the attendees in one stop;Fifth, there are many forums, the exhibition was accompanied by a number of high-end forum activities during the same period, where political leaders, economists, and industry leaders gathered to discuss industry development.

It is reported that Fujian Province has introduced a number of policies this year to actively develop Silk Road e-commerce by accelerating the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones, promote high-quality construction of overseas warehouses, optimize cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service systems, and strive to create 'digital applications' The first province'.China Cross Trade Fair will seize the era of digital economic globalization and become China's leading platform for digital applications.


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