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China Cross-border Trade Fair Industry Support Unit—Xiamen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

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China Cross-border Trade Fair Industry Support Unit—Xiamen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

about Us

Xiamen Cross-border E-Commerce Association, referred to as (XMCEA)Founded in November 2014, it is an industrial, local, non-profit social organization with legal personality registered directly with the Xiamen Civil Affairs Bureau.The association focuses on the services and development of the cross-border e-commerce industry, brings together cutting-edge resources in Xiamen's cross-border industry, and is committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation among member companies and promoting the ecological development of import and export trade and the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Association purpose

Association positioning

Policy guidance——School-enterprise cooperation--Investment and financing docking

Association Highlights

01 Relying on the largest seller community organization in Fujian Province 'Haixihui'

02 Core think tank of heavyweight sellers

03 Interpretation of government industry policies

04 Connect with investment and financing, legal, and financial advisory expert groups

05 School-enterprise cooperation and talent incubation docking


01Free participation in major exhibitions, summits, theme salons, and policy interpretation meetings organized by the association

02Support member units in organizing activities and platform support

03Organize study visits to leading enterprises and units in cross-border industries, study tours in various places, and integrate resources

04School-enterprise cooperation, talent docking, incubation and transportation

05Investment and financing, law, finance and tax docking

06Promote industry policies and assist members in implementing policy subsidies

07The right to publish enterprise supply and demand information through the association and recommend preferred service provider resources

08The association assists resource docking with various difficult problems encountered by member companies in their operations.

Previous events

large summit

Theme salon sharing

School-enterprise cooperation

Talent docking

Charitable activities

During the epidemic, the association mobilized 27 member companies to donate a total of 52,000 yuan in special anti-epidemic funds, including 32,000 yuan to the Hubei Red Cross Society and 20,000 yuan to the Xiamen Red Cross Society, which were designated for the purchase of prevention and control materials for local hospitals.

Xiamen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

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Official public account
Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center No. 198, Nanjiangbin Avenue, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
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