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China Cross-border E-commerce Fair has changed and remained unchanged in the past three years

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China Cross-border E-commerce Fair has changed and remained unchanged in the past three years

From March 18th to 22nd, the 3rd China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as 'China Cross-Border Fair') will gather around the world in the 'Fuzhou State'.

As my country's first and only professional cross-border e-commerce exhibition named after China without adding a local name, the birth of 'China Cross-border Trade Fair' is itself a milestone in the development of China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

Since 2020, due to the raging global epidemic, hundreds of thousands of Chinese foreign trade companies have been unable to go abroad to explore markets due to the epidemic, and more than 300,000 foreign buyers have been unable to purchase in China. The global supply and demand order has been in chaos.It is urgent to embrace cross-border e-commerce and open new channels to overseas markets.A group of seemingly unrelated people: Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a leading outreach service provider from the exhibition industry, Fujian Miduoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd., a leading digital marketing service provider from the cross-border e-commerce industry, and Fujian Miduoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. from the foreign trade industry. The Fujian Provincial Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, the corporate base, came together at this time. They were all keenly aware of the business opportunities outside the 'epidemic', and joined hands across borders to prepare for the first China Cross-border E-commerce Fair in Fuzhou.'China Cross-Journal' was not born with a golden key in its mouth.At that time, Fuzhou ranked only fifteenth in the national cross-border e-commerce industry rankings.Can Fuzhou drink the soup from the 'Cross-border E-commerce Fair'?

Throughout the preparation process, voices of doubt and challenge never stopped.But the 'Fuzhou' did not hesitate.

The starlight does not disappoint the traveler.The first 'China Cross-Trade Fair' was an instant success, attracting 62,000 purchasers and facilitating an intended transaction volume of more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars in three days. It not only filled the gap in my country's digital trade exhibitions, but also achieved the goal of attracting purchasers for the first time. The ratio to the booth is more than 20:1, which is an achievement that can only be achieved after years of hard work in high-quality professional exhibitions.

Exhibition grand occasion

It can be said that the expedient measure as a replacement for outreach has indeed ended, but the journey of setting the stage for global digital trade has just begun.After several years of rapid development, cross-border e-commerce has grown from a niche closed industry in 2020 to a digital trade channel connecting Chinese manufacturing with overseas markets.Using this large channel to directly connect to overseas markets, in addition to new and old sellers, there are also a large number of factory owners, domestic brand owners, and new entrepreneurs.Cross-border e-commerce no longer covers first-tier coastal cities, but is rapidly connecting more and more inland industrial belts.The reasons why cross-border e-commerce impresses overseas consumers are not limited to high quality and low prices. Many new Chinese products full of design and technology are reshaping the image of 'Made in China'.The trend of live broadcast e-commerce and interest e-commerce launched by TikTok, and the 'human-to-human' low-price offensive brought by Temu have also made the world marvel at the spread of the 'Chinese e-commerce model'.

The cross-border e-commerce industry is changing, and the 'China Cross-border Trade Fair' is also evolving towards global digital trade.Compared with the first session, the number of well-known industrial zones participating in this conference has increased from more than 30 to more than 60, and more than 2,000 foreign trade factories participated in the event.B2B export e-commerce companies such as Alibaba International Station and Made in China are also making heavy moves.

There are more exhibitors, and more and more foreign friends are appearing as buyers.It is understood that business associations from Thailand, the Philippines and other countries will organize groups to participate in the conference. 'Buy the world, sell the world' is gradually being implemented in Fuzhou, the hometown of overseas Chinese.

In 2021, the first 'China Cross-border Trade Fair' was held in Fuzhou. Fuzhou's cross-border e-commerce import and export total was 51.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.36 times.

In 2022, Fuzhou's cross-border e-commerce import and export transaction volume was 80.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56%.

In the past three years, what has changed is the numbers, but what remains unchanged is the mission of promoting the efficiency of global supply and demand docking.

Come on, 2023 China Cross Trade Fair.I look forward to you bringing more good news to Fuzhou, Fujian, and China’s cross-border e-commerce industry.


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