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China Cross-border E-commerce Fair has become an industry-leading high-quality exhibition with a high reputation in the industry

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China Cross-border E-commerce Fair has become an industry-leading high-quality exhibition with a high reputation in the industry

China's first cross-border e-commerce exhibition

The 'China Exhibition Economic Development Report 2022' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Report') released by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade on April 24 shows that as a new digital foreign trade platform, the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Cross-Border Fair) has been held for two consecutive years. It ranks first in the country in terms of exhibition specifications, exhibition scale, quantity and quality of buyers, and exhibition effectiveness. It has become the first cross-border e-commerce exhibition in China with a good reputation in the industry.

The 'Report' extracts valuable data and information from China's exhibition industry in 2022 and forms conclusions, reviews and looks forward to China's exhibition industry in 2022, and comprehensively, accurately and timely reflects the status of China's exhibitions (expos).Why does the Cross-border Trade Fair win the reputation of 'China's No. 1 Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition'?Inseparable from the powerful organizers of the cross-trade fair, the national platform effect is fully realized.During the cross-border e-commerce boom period during the epidemic, Fujian Huiyuan Exhibition and Fujian Midoduo Innovation jointly established the China Cross-Trade Fair with the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export.The first cross-trade fair has received strong and continuous attention from China's foreign trade, cross-border and exhibition circles, and has brought about a series of linkage effects.Nowadays, China International Trade Fair has become a successful case of government-supported and market-oriented exhibitions.It is indeed well-deserved to be recognized and adopted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade’s annual report.

The 'Report' pointed out that the cross-trade fair has been integrated into the national strategy since its establishment, focusing onWith a global perspective, we take into account both domestic and international markets and promote the docking of high-quality cross-border resources at home and abroad.To the same timeIt is committed to demonstrating the advantages and characteristics of Fujian, Guangdong and even the whole country in cross-border e-commerce logistics and foreign trade industries, giving full play to the platform effect of the first cross-border e-commerce exhibition, and continuing to promote 'Digital China' and cross-border cross-border e-commerce in the host area. The upgrading of the e-commerce industry will help the construction of new industrial highlands.

In recent years, the foreign trade situation has been complex and changeable, uncertain and unstable factors have increased, and industry pressure has continued to increase.In such a situation, how can the cross-section society face the difficulties?With the needs of foreign trade development in the new era, cross-trade fairs continue to innovate and seek changes, proactively adapt to the new normal, and enhance endogenous power and development vitality.At the 2023 spring cross-border trade fair, we will launch the first 'cross-border clinic' in the country, providing personalized answer services to improve operational capabilities for cross-border newcomers who are open-minded to learn from experience.The creativity of 'cross-border clinic' has not only been praised by the industry, but also won praise from the ministries and commissions as a useful exploration of 'getting rich first to drive wealth later, and realizing common prosperity for the entire industry' in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

2023 is the first year for the global layout of the Cross-Trade Fair and the first year for the Cross-Trade Fair to reach a new level of high-quality development.Relying on the RCEP agreement, the cross-border trade fair will deploy in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States, and lead Chinese traditional foreign trade companies and cross-border e-commerce companies to go overseas together, open up a better and more diversified international supply chain, cultivate a broader global market, and continue to To make the cake of cross-border e-commerce bigger, we will go faster and better on the road of internationalization, branding and specialization, and make great strides towards the goal of 'buying globally and selling globally'.


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