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'China Cross-Trade Fair' is a grand event with great plans

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'China Cross-Trade Fair' is a grand event with great plans

grand event grand plan

The warm moon and spring light bring the splendor and splendor just right;

All the talented people have arrived, and the young and old have gathered together.

Spread the word widely and invite visitors;

Connecting in all directions, crossing each other brightly.

It reaches Kyrgyzstan Province in the north and Qiongdao Island in the south;

It connects Suzhou and Shanghai to the east and Chengdu and Chongqing to the west.

E-commerce is facing the wind and there are many forums;

Cross-border online shopping, enjoy the feast.

The BRICs gather together to go to sea in one stop;

Mutual benefit and win-win, everyone leads the way.

The blessing of banyan trees is harmonious and graceful;

Jiangnan and Jiangbei are full of hospitality.

A thousand pieces of gold can make a fortune, and literature can bring good advice;

When you finish singing, I will appear again.

Agile and eager to learn, he will succeed in his career;

All is ready except for the opportunity.

The new crown suddenly emerged and wreaked havoc;

We have overcome the difficulties together and the exhibition has been postponed.

Gathering the thoughts of the masses will lead to widespread loyalty and benefit;

The sharp sword cuts through the sky and clears the clouds to reveal the sun.

Eat, live and travel, return the jade to Zhao intact;

The food, grass, and baggage are properly laid out.

Be calm and calm, just waiting for the clear sky;

The treasure sank to the bottom, silently waiting for the full moon.

The dark mirror regains its brightness, chasing the king of light;

At some later date, we will see Yannan marching.

Send me brocade books, thousands of miles apart;

Seeing each other is like meeting each other, and I invite you to come again.

The special envoy welcomes you from afar, and the plum blossoms shine;

The spring buds are steep and the flowers are about to bloom.


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