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China Cross-Trade Fair Supply and Purchasing Information Summary Issue 2

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China Cross-Trade Fair Supply and Purchasing Information Summary Issue 2

Assist factories to find sellers and help sellers find products

China Cross-Trade Fair Supply and Demand Matching Plan

Hot development in progress

Procurement requirements

Soho Cloud Business

Products intended to be purchased:Plush toys, small furniture

Purchase quantity:50 pieces for testing

product requirement:Monthly sales volume is 2 million, independent design and development capabilities are required, factory only

Message timeliness:long term effective

Shenzhen Northern Hemisphere

Products intended to be purchased:Electric cleaning brushes and other household products

Purchase quantity:1000+

Message timeliness:long term effective

Ji Krypton Qihang Technology

Products intended to be purchased:tactical bag

Purchase quantity:Discuss in detail

Message timeliness:long term effective

Supply information

Hongjiuyuan craft products

product:We mainly make bags for Tmall and Amazon. They are all very high-end bags, ranging from complex to simple.

Message timeliness:long term effective


product:Trolley case, suitcase, business bag, computer bag

Message timeliness:long term effective

Xingdeyi daily necessities

product:Storage bags, storage boxes

Message timeliness:long term effective

Qianchuan Hardware

product:Various kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories, storage racks

Minimum order quantity:500 minimum order

Message timeliness:long term effective

Dylas Textile

product:Four-sided stretch digital printing, four-sided stretch dyed fabric

Four-sided elastic digital printing:100D four-sided elastic digital printing,

Hot stamping, flocking, free development, regular product delivery time is 3 days, expedited product is 1 day, supports quick returns for small orders

Four-sided stretch dyed fabric:100D/75D plain and twill four-sided elastic bleached and dyed fabrics, regular colors are in stock

Minimum order quantity:The minimum order quantity for four-sided stretch digital printing is 300 meters, and the minimum order quantity for four-sided stretch dyed fabric is 3,000 meters.

Message timeliness:long term effective

Empower Xtron

product:Cloud humidifier, simulated animal (function), rechargeable candle light

Cloud humidifier:Aromatherapy humidifier, USB powered, lithium battery capacity 2000MA, use time 18-20 hours, purchase price 100 yuan, order minimum 1000

Simulated animals (function):Simulated animals, comfort toys, can breathe, snore and laugh. The purchase price is 100 yuan, and the minimum order is 1,000 yuan.

Rechargeable candle light:500 minimum order

payment method:30% deposit, balance paid before shipment

Production cycle:45 days

Message timeliness:long term effective

How to participate in supply and procurement matching

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