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Big news | Juduoduo cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform will soon debut at China Cross-border Trade Fair

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Big news | Juduoduo cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform will soon debut at China Cross-border Trade Fair


The '3.18 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (referred to as the China Cross-Border Fair)' was postponed due to the epidemic.Will resume on June 1st, this game ends with 'Linking cross-border river basins and jointly building a new e-commerce ecosystem'Themed exhibition will be held grandly at Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center.



As the organizer of this exhibition, Fujian Midoduo Network Technology has created a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce service platform——GIGdodo will also make its global debut at the Cross-Border Ecological Summit event at 13:30 pm on June 1! At that time, important guests such as Google, Shopify, Microsoft, Oracle, China Construction Bank, etc. will gather at the conference to witness together.Midoduo and cross-border independent station ecological partners jointly build a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform, and explore and build an ecological service system around the finance, marketing, services, technology and other scenarios that independent stations will encounter when going overseas, so that all groups in the ecology can benefit from each other. win.At the same time, Lang Xianping, a senior master in the financial industry, and Deng Hai, CEO of Midoduo and founder of Juduoduo platform, discussed the cross-border e-commerce in which a hundred flowers bloom.DecryptThe market pain points and gaps behind the Juduoduo platform.



Juduoduo is a vertical trading platform focusing on cross-border e-commerce services built around the independent station ecosystem by Fujian Midoduo Network Technology to better solve the pain points of cross-border e-commerce services.It leverages the global buyer big data accumulated by the Midoduo team for many years in the field of cross-border e-commerce services, as well as the resource advantages of enterprises and service providers in the e-commerce industry, to connect the entire ecological chain of independent station services, and integrate scattered service projects and domestic and overseas services. Business resources, matching services for sellers in every business scenario of cross-border e-commerce, empowering sellers and service providers in both directions, achieving cross-border services on Juduoduo, and cross-border services on Juduoduo.


GIGdodo partners with the cross-border e-commerce industry, presenting a complete independent website service ecosystem to the industry, and providing one-stop services for Chinese overseas enterprises, including Google promotion, brand design, placement optimization, search for Internet celebrity resources, and copywriting Services, video production, translation of minority languages, website construction, etc.At the same time, we also equip sellers with a professional customer service team. Through in-depth exploration and understanding of sellers' needs, we match the best service providers globally and follow up on service needs and production processes throughout the process, making sellers more worry-free and providing services with greater confidence.As an integrator of cross-border e-commerce services, Juduoduo not only aggregates seller resources, but also invites service providers to join hands in building a cross-border service ecosystem.

At the cross-border trade fair, in order to celebrate the official launch of the Juduoduo platform, Midoduo also brought many preferential activities to the cross-border circle.

Boss, don’t be impatient, we’ll take off as soon as we stop!For independent station constructionMidoduo teamed up with Shopify to launch a limited-time special promotion for building a website for 0 yuan, sellers only need to register Shopify through the link sent by customer service (only for new registrations), pay the first month's monthly rent and provide basic website building materials, and you can receive a beautiful independent website designed and built by Midoduo for you.The time is limited (6.1-6.3) and the places are limited. Hurry up and add Midoduo customer service to get your exclusive independent station!.


againstKOL marketing for independent stations, Juduoduo platform integrates Internet celebrity resources,Launched a 9.9 yuan activity to help you find internet celebritiesSellers only need to place an order on the Juduoduo platform and provide product categories. Juduoduo can help you quickly find Internet celebrity resources and help friends in the cross-border circle enter the social e-commerce stage better.


Advertising and marketing for independent websitesLaunched a coupon campaignRegister on the Juduoduo platform at the cross-trade event and get a free gift500 yuan couponYou have the opportunity to participate in the online big wheel lottery and the on-site lottery.Win 500 yuan in Google recharge coupons, various Google peripheral gifts, and the highest win is an iPhone 13 Pro Max!What are you waiting for!

Seeing is worse than hearing!Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition CenterHall 8 8A09-11/8B09-11, see you at the Fujian Midoduo booth!





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