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Amazon’s core service provider for global store opening—MoonSees

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Amazon’s core service provider for global store opening—MoonSees

Moon is homophonic to dream, meaning 'dream' and 'ideal'

See is homophonic with west, which not only refers to the West Lake, the birthplace of dreams, but also means 'seeing' and 'realizing'

S is a homophone for stone, which not only refers to the wishing stone in West Lake, but also means 'reality'.

Moon See s are connected together to mean dreams come true.

MoonSees hopes to help cross-border e-commerce sellers turn their dreams into reality with its professional capabilities, pragmatic attitude, and comprehensive services, and will make it its corporate mission to help cross-border sellers grow.

——Troy Lin MoonSees CEO

Amazon global store core service provider

Fujian cross-border e-commerce talent incubation base

MoonSees is the leading Amazon ecological chain service provider in China; it advocates the establishment of a healthy cross-border e-commerce ecosystem and is committed to helping Amazon sellers grow. It has now set up branches in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhengzhou, and Jinan to provide Amazon sellers across the country with Amazon ecological services include education and training, Amazon talent training and incubation, cross-border brand transportation, Amazon operations and supporting services.

Amazon training

TOP brand

Since its establishment, MoonSees has successfully trained and served more than 100,000 old sellers and novice store owners. There are more than 15 billion-level sellers and more than 120 million-dollar sellers. It has helped 3,000+ traditional foreign trade companies successfully transform into cross-border e-commerce companies.

Cultivate 10+ million-level students

9 major Amazon course operation systems

Influenced more than 100,000+ sellers and students

Trained more than 100 million-dollar students

Amazon Courses

MoonSees Service+

Build a healthy cross-border e-commerce ecosystem

40+ Amazon operation service docking

Including but not limited to Amazon logistics, intellectual property, cross-border payment, product photography, product selection software, operational tools, VAT services, supply chain distribution, translation services, Amazon store opening and more than 40 Amazon operations and supporting activities.

offline activity

Foreign-related activities

MoonSees is invited by governments and universities to teach cross-border e-commerce expertise to overseas sellers, students, and officials.

moment of honor


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