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Adhering to naturalism, the designer brand of insulated utensils - Moya Home Furnishing

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Adhering to naturalism, the designer brand of insulated utensils - Moya Home Furnishing

About Moya

designer brand

Elegant, simple and blank

Moya is a designer brand specializing in original insulated utensils.

Its main products include thermos pots, thermos cups, etc.

Moya adheres to the design aesthetic of 'naturalism' and uses an elegant, concise, and blank style to create thermal vessels suitable for a variety of life scenes.

Long before the independent brand was established, we had provided OEM services for many first-tier brands of thermal vessels around the world. Our 20 years of experience is enough for us to master the industry's advanced technology core and the highest production standards.At the same time, we have an independent research and development team that integrates creative concepts into the details of daily life, so that daily household items can also become an artistic landscape.

Moya's main series of products include: thermos cups, stew beakers, office cups, thermos pots, coffee pots, thermos lunch boxes, etc.The products are mainly sold in Japan, South Korea, North America, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

We have opened an international Alibaba e-commerce platform to provide enterprises with one-stop services such as product selection, procurement, and after-sales. We support various forms of cooperation models such as corporate procurement, gift customization, and OEM. We can design customized product appearances and functions for customers.

leading product

Removable and washable Japanese thermos kettle


It continues the classic solid wood handle of the NATURE series and enhances the strength of the paint surface. While having the same texture and gloss, it has a longer service life and stronger water resistance.

The lid can be disassembled into three parts, leaving no dead space for cleaning.

Thermos bucket

Material: PP, 304 stainless steel, silicone, beech

A large-capacity thermal insulation barrel that innovatively uses vacuum technology.

Different from ordinary foam insulation barrels, the insulation effect is greatly improved.

The LCD display shows the temperature inside the pot in real time.

Removable beech wood stand for secure placement.

Air pressure pot

Material: PP, 304 stainless steel, PE, ABS, silicone

Press easily and effortlessly, and open the lid with one click

Built-in locking function to prevent burns caused by accidental touch

French pot

Japanese pot electroplating

Japanese pot

American style pot

Korean pot

Xiaodai thermos kettle

diamond pot

Japanese thermos

Xiaoman waist pot

European pot

fiji pot

Sensitive thermos kettle

Natural coffee cup


coffee cup


Japanese thermos cup

Korean style thermos cup

Simple tumbler



Vacuum sealed jar


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