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2023 China Cross-border Trade Fair | Enjoy the feast of the collision of 'cross-border' and 'ingenuity'

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2023 China Cross-border Trade Fair | Enjoy the feast of the collision of 'cross-border' and 'ingenuity'

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- Basic information about the exhibition -

Name of fair

2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair

Exhibition location

Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibitor main body

Manufacturing enterprises that are upgrading or already have flexible supply capacity, cross-border e-commerce platforms and service providers, and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones.

Exhibition time

March 18-20, 2023

Exhibition area

72,000 square meters

Purchaser entity

Taking cross-border e-commerce sellers (platform + independent station) as the main body, it also includes traditional foreign trade buyers, domestic e-commerce sellers and other related purchaser groups.

Review of last session

The 2nd China Cross-border E-commerce Fair was successfully held from June 1 to 3, 2022. The exhibition scale was 72,000 square meters. A total of exhibition areas for cross-border e-commerce suppliers, platforms, comprehensive service providers, and independent stations were set up to attract More than 2,000 companies from more than 20 provinces and cities across the country participated in the exhibition, covering more than 50 cross-border e-commerce platforms and more than 200 well-known cross-border e-commerce service providers around the world. The exhibition covered digital, home furnishing, mother and baby, shoes and clothing, and auto parts. There are over one million hot-selling cross-border e-commerce products, and a total of 55,000 professional merchants visited the exhibition in three days.

/2022/China Cross-border E-commerce Fair

- Organization -


Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Fujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Fujian Mengxishi Information Technology Co., Ltd.,Hangzhou Fanjie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Xiamen Newkey Cloud Technology Services Co., Ltd., Ruopeng (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qianya International Cargo Transportation Agency Co., Ltd., Lianlianbao (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry support unit

Hunan Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Chaozhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Hangzhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Linyi Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Haidao E-Commerce Club

- Exhibition scope -

(1) 'Cross-border e-commerce supplier exhibition area'

The exhibition area mainly displays the following hot-selling categories: shoes, clothing, textiles, bags and sporting goods; lighting, hardware, garden, automobile and motorcycle accessories; maternal and infant toys and pet products; home decoration and daily consumer goods; gifts, stationery and beauty exhibition area; 3C electronic home appliances exhibition area, etc.

(2) 'Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service exhibition area'

The main display scope includes cross-border e-commerce platforms, independent websites, information, logistics and warehousing, operation management systems, payment platforms, digital marketing, finance and insurance, talent training, etc.

Exhibition Highlights

(1) Highlight the national platform effect

The cross-border trade fair has been integrated into the national strategy since its inception, focusing on a global perspective, taking into account both domestic and international markets, and promoting the docking of high-quality cross-border resources at home and abroad.The cross-trade fair has attracted many provincial commerce authorities to lead delegations to discuss cooperation. Not only has it gone overseas for promotion, but it has also collaborated with Deloitte and Amazon Global Store to launch industry heavyweight blue books, white papers, and industry lists, etc. to enrich the exhibition. Authoritative content.

(2) Reflect the advantages and characteristics of the new highland

The Cross-Trade Fair was born in Fuzhou in the spring. Since its inception, it has received strong support from national ministries and commissions, governments at all levels of Fujian Province and Fuzhou City, and relevant departments.Fujian is one of the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce import and export centers in the country.This exhibition will deeply demonstrate the advantages and characteristics of Fujian and even the whole country in cross-border e-commerce logistics and foreign trade industries, give full play to the platform effect of the first cross-border e-commerce exhibition, and continue to promote 'Digital China' and the innovation of the Southeast convention and exhibition industry. Highland construction.

(3) Deeply cultivate professional and precise docking

This exhibition will introduce more abundant industrial resources, grasp industry trends, gather wisdom from all parties, adapt to the needs of enterprises, gather millions of 'China Intelligent Manufacturing' new and high-quality products for centralized display, and create a world-class influence Forum activities, and through multi-dimensional and all-round publicity and promotion, attract the national cross-border e-commerce industry belt and ecosystem to gather in Fuzhou again to jointly create supply and procurement opportunities and discuss industry development.

(4) Keep pace with the times and introduce new trendy elements

The Cross-Trade Fair invites well-known Internet celebrities across the country to serve as the official image promotion ambassadors of the Cross-Trade Fair, forming a large-scale matrix for online publicity.It is the first in the industry to have an exclusive mascot 'Fu Rong Rong', which is more vivid and close to the industry.

(5) 1v1 pulse check by senior salesperson

(6) Industry debut——TEMU

As the industry's first debut, the 'Duoduo Cross-border Temu' platform, which chose the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair, is Pinduoduo's new cross-border overseas business.At this exhibition, 'TEMU Closed Door Matchmaking Event' will be held.

(7) Sellers’ closed-door sharing and exchange meeting

·Listen to appeals and answer questions face to face ·Understand the most appropriate operating model at the moment

·One-stop solution to sellers’ pain points when going overseas ·Achieve profit growth for cross-border e-commerce platforms

(8) Closed-door buffet dinner

Create a private banquet circle for smooth communication - resource docking, network accumulation, focus on industry hot spots and share successful experiences - like-minded people, resonate with the same frequency, deep channel interoperability, and steadily lay out the market - free exchanges, in-depth discussions

(9) Complete collection of 60+ high-quality industrial belts and

The cross-trade fair is strictly controlled. On the basis of the original approximately 50 industrial belts, it has also absorbed nearly 20 industrial belts from Hunan, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. The products cover home furnishings, crafts, clothing, gardening, lighting, etc. Electronic products, home appliances, pet products, machinery, leather goods, bags, shoes, toys, etc.

New industrial belt

Hunan Province:Hunan Liling Colorful Porcelain Industrial Belt.

Hebei Province:Hebei Bazhou Metal Furniture Industry Belt.

Shandong Province:Shandong Laizhou Machinery Industry Belt and Shandong Dezhou Crafts Industry Belt.

Zhejiang Province:Zhejiang Pujiang quilted products industry belt, Zhejiang Shangyu umbrella industry belt, Zhejiang Daishan festival toy industry belt, Zhejiang Jiaxing household products industry belt, Shaoxing outdoor tent industry belt, Ningbo consumer electronics industry belt, Wenzhou leather goods industry belt.

Jiangsu Province:Changshu Textile Industry Belt, Jiangsu Province.

Guangdong Province:Dongguan Smart Home Electronics Industry Belt, Jieyang Plastic Shoes Industry Belt, Huizhou Pet Products Industry Belt.

More high-quality industrial belts

Hunan Province:Bag industry belt in Shaoyang, Hunan.

Hebei Province:Leather products industry belt in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.

Shandong Province:Shandong Linyi Handicrafts Industry Belt.

Jiangsu Province:Jiangsu Pizhou Outdoor Products Industry Belt.

Zhejiang Province:Zhejiang Dongyang Household Products Industry Belt, Hangzhou Home Textile Industry Belt, Ningbo Bathroom Products Industry Belt, Cixi Stationery Industry Belt, Shaoxing Textile and Clothing Industry Belt, Zhejiang Lishui Brush Stationery Industry Belt, Taizhou Household Products Industry Belt, Taizhou Glasses Industry Belt, Yiwu Storage supplies industry belt, Yiwu holiday decorations and gift industry belt, Yongkang power tool industry belt.

Guangdong Province:Guangzhou leather goods industry belt, Guangzhou sports equipment industry belt, Shenzhen digital electronic products industry belt, Zhongshan lighting industry belt, Zhongshan furniture industry belt, Shantou Chenghai toy industry belt, Shantou small household appliances industry belt, Yangjiang kitchenware and tool industry belt.

Fujian Province:Fuzhou outdoor protective clothing industry belt, Fuzhou electronic clock industry belt, Fuzhou slippers and garden shoes industry belt, Fuzhou household daily necessities industry belt, Xiamen stroller and bed industry belt, Xiamen camping outdoor products industry belt, Quanzhou solar lamps industry belt, Quanzhou luggage products industry Belt, Quanzhou textile fabric accessories industry belt, Anxi rattan iron handicrafts industry belt, Anxi rattan iron handicrafts industry belt, Jinjiang electronic toy industry belt, Jinjiang swimwear yoga wear industry belt, Jinjiang diapers industry belt, Shishi casual men's clothing industry belt, Shishi textile and clothing industry belt Industrial Belt, Nan'an Electronic Communication Equipment Industrial Belt, Fu'an Massage Equipment Industrial Belt, Dehua Ceramic Resin Crafts Industrial Belt, Zhangzhou Furniture Industrial Belt, and Shaowu Bamboo and Wood Products Industrial Belt.

- High-end forums, conferences and supporting activities -

The supporting activities of this exhibition expand the multi-dimensional topics of the cross-border e-commerce upstream and downstream industry chain, and upgrade high-end forums and activities. During the exhibition, official forums of multiple platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba International Station, independent stations going overseas to share practical experience, and service provider special sessions will be held. Promotions, business matching sessions, new opportunities for TikTok to go overseas, international logistics summit forum, entering the national industrial belt, cross-border high-quality online shopping festival and other activities, online and offline comprehensive analysis of hot topics in the cross-border e-commerce industry to satisfy merchants The dimension of participation is to expand the breadth of exhibitor transactions. The following are some highlights of this event.

Continuation of brand activities

Exhibition activities such as popular platform activities, service provider promotion activities, independent website special sessions, TikTok special sessions, cross-border e-commerce cloud shopping festival, etc. will be continued through selected activities;

Industrial transformation promotes rural revitalization

Enter the national industrial belt and add comprehensive pilot zones in various cities, empower rural revitalization through industrial transformation, organize on-site promotion of industrial belts and comprehensive pilot zones, provide a communication and interaction platform for national comprehensive pilot zones, conduct on-site incubation and docking, and organize traditional Enterprises team up to go overseas to empower industries and promote rural revitalization and development;

Top 30 overseas leaders

This exhibition has added an award ceremony for the Top 30 leaders in overseas e-commerce, aiming to discover and commend leaders in the field of cross-border e-commerce exports, create a brand effect for cross-border e-commerce overseas, set an example for the industry, and promote cross-border e-commerce across the country to go overseas. The long-term development of enterprises with higher quality and greater energy level;

Pinduoduo cross-border platform TEMU participated in the conference

Overseas Pinduoduo TEMU attended the conference to carry out the 'Cross-border New Momentum for Going Global Activities' to three-dimensionally display the overseas possibilities of the new platform, attract merchants, promote docking and transaction effectiveness, enrich the types of on-site activities, establish authority and gather popularity;

Industry leaders and big names are present

Invite Shein and Anker to conduct closed-door matchmaking meetings, and invite senior businesspeople from Fortune 500 companiesConsultant Zhang Qi, Alibaba senior executives, Yingxionghui founder Mark, Laogao e-commerce founder and other industry figures were present to share;

Focus on new hot spots in the industry and plan new paths to go overseas

On-site activities include sharing on Russia’s latest platform and Jitu Logistics, an internet celebrity logistics provider in the Pinduoduo era.


Official public account
Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center No. 198, Nanjiangbin Avenue, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
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