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2023 China Cross Trade Fair Internet Celebrity Solicitation Order

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2023 China Cross Trade Fair Internet Celebrity Solicitation Order

If you are deeply involved in the field of cross-border e-commerce and have your own fan base, you will be responsible for 'red'. China Cross Trade Association is responsible for making you 'different'. The 2023 China Cross Trade Fair will be held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18th to 20th. This China Cross-border Trade Fair has gathered 60+ high-quality industrial belts across the country, brought together more than 2,000+ industry-related companies across the country, held multiple national-level high-level forums and top industries The event comprehensively analyzes hot topics in the cross-border e-commerce industry, and invites cross-border e-commerce sellers (platforms + independent stations) as the main body, as well as traditional foreign trade buyers, domestic e-commerce sellers and other related purchaser groups to participate.

At this

You can find the latest, highest quality, and most comprehensive hot-selling items;

At this

You can communicate face-to-face with high-quality suppliers, making supply and procurement docking more efficient and convenient;

At this

You can interact with fans and sellers from all over the country and learn about the latest industry trends...

We will provide you with:

1. Certified as the official image promotion ambassador of China International Trade Fair.

2. The staff will cooperate with early contacts and coordination during the exhibition.

3. Promote the event on its own official media platform in China.

4. Internet celebrities who pass the qualification screening will be given subsidies for attending the conference. Please inquire for details.

Sign up Parts:

1. Comply with national laws and regulations, have positive energy, and have no less than 10,000 fans on the live broadcast platform.

2. Have a deep understanding of cross-border e-commerce and are currently engaged in cross-border e-commerce related industries.

3. During the exhibition period, the live broadcast shall be no less than 2.5 days and the live broadcast shall be no less than 4 hours per day.Live broadcast data and screenshots must be provided after the exhibition every day.

Sign up Way:

1: Send your name + screen name + contact information, as well as a screenshot of the number of fans on the corresponding live broadcast platform as an attachment to the email addresszgkjh318@163.comSign up.

Method 2: Scan the following QR code to add the assistant’s corporate WeChat account to register.


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