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'Xun' is well-trained and has no borders - Amazon opens stores globally and invites you to ride on a new track together

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'Xun' is well-trained and has no borders - Amazon opens stores globally and invites you to ride on a new track together

At the 2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (Autumn) and the Amazon Global Store Export Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Cluster Development Report Release Media Exchange Meeting held on October 25, Amazon Global Store released the 'Gathering the Momentum, Bravely Expanding' New Machine - 2022 White Paper on the Development of China's Export Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Clusters.

The white paper shows that in recent years, with the empowerment of cross-border e-commerce, China's industrial clusters are transforming and upgrading, moving from 'intensive farming' to 'deep cultivation and long-term development'.From the east to the west, from the coast to the inland, more and more industrial clusters have achieved rapid development with the help of cross-border e-commerce.The report analyzes export cross-border e-commerce by analyzing 17 representative cross-border e-commerce industry clusters such as Shenzhen consumer electronics, Foshan furniture, Hangzhou clothing, Ningbo small household appliances, Yongkang hardware, Qingdao home textiles, Xiamen clothing, Sichuan and Chongqing automobile and motorcycle parts. Achieve the 'endogenous power' of sustained prosperity and explore the long-term path for the future development of export cross-border e-commerce.

Vice President of Amazon China

Amazon Global Store Asia Pacific Product and Marketing Manager

Peng Jiaqi

Peng Jiaqi, vice president of Amazon China and head of product and market for Amazon Global Store Asia Pacific, said:'In the past few years, China's cross-border e-commerce exports have shown extremely strong resilience, and as a new format of foreign trade exports, they have gradually released new potential.We have seen that on Amazon’s global site, many sellers from China’s advantageous industrial clusters have shown great potential and vitality in global expansion, brand building, and technological innovation.The global retail e-commerce market is rich and diverse and contains huge opportunities.We hope to work with governments at all levels, industry partners and sellers to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of China's export cross-border e-commerce industry cluster, so that more Chinese brands can go global and jointly create a new pattern of global brands.'

The report summarizes the five outstanding features of the development of China's export cross-border e-commerce industry clusters, which are: China's traditional advantageous industry clusters use cross-border e-commerce to open up new growth models, which is a common feature of the development of China's industrial clusters in recent years; more and more Sellers in industrial clusters focus on products and brands, which is one of the reasons why they have accumulated a lot of experience overseas and successfully broke through.In addition, China's export cross-border e-commerce industry cluster is showing great vitality and potential in terms of technological innovation and agile manufacturing.Amazon also found that many sellers in China's cross-border e-commerce industry cluster have deeply cultivated sub-categories on Amazon, fully tapped the potential of emerging sites, and found broad development space in the new track.At the same time, the diversified development of industrial clusters has performed very well. More and more Chinese sellers are conducting business for both individual consumers and corporate institutional customers. They use Amazon Business Shopping to achieve DTB (Direct to Buyer) and reach high-quality overseas enterprises and customers. Institutional buyers.

Amazon Global Store is committed to helping Chinese sellers develop export business, expand global markets, and build international brands.Since entering China in 2015, hundreds of thousands of Chinese sellers have joined the project, including Amazon in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Netherlands, 17 major overseas sites, including Sweden and Poland, have been fully opened to Chinese sellers.By opening stores globally, Chinese sellers can sell products to Amazon's more than hundreds of millions of active users around the world, including more than 200 million Prime members and more than 5 million Amazon business purchasing customers in the United States, Europe and Japan.Amazon's 410 fulfillment centers around the world can help Chinese sellers sell products to more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

Amazon Global Store will participate in the 2022 China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair (Autumn) held in Guangzhou from November 25th to 27th. At that time, Amazon will also conduct more discussions at the Amazon special forum in the exhibition based on the key points in the white paper. share.

The 2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (Autumn) will open at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex on November 25. It will feature more than 30 well-known domestic and foreign cross-border e-commerce mainstream platforms, more than 200 well-known cross-border e-commerce service providers, and more than 1,500 A number of high-quality foreign trade supply companies and comprehensive test areas will be exhibited on the same stage, looking forward to your visit!

Source: Amazon Global Store

China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (Autumn) (CCEF)

'Build a platform' to help enterprises explore the cross-border e-commerce market,

Actively find suitable ways to 'pave the way' for enterprises to go overseas smoothly

Exhibition time:November 25-27, 2022

Place:Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Directed by:Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Guangzhou Municipal People's Governmentorganizer:China Foreign Trade Center Group Co., Ltd.,Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce,Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,China's foreign tradeState Exhibition Co., Ltd.organizer:China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd.,Fujian Huiyuan Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd.,Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., (China) Software Systems Co., Ltd.,Hangzhou Fanjie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (Fanding International Group)Fujian Zixun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Purple Bird Browser),Zongteng Group,Shop Jiang Technology SHOPLAZZA,Shanghai Xinggu Information Technology Co., Ltd.,MoonSees dream west stone information technology,Noah's wealth,Beijing Zhuoao Century Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry support units:Hunan Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Shanxi Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Shandong Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Yunnan Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Hainan Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Tianjin Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Chaozhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association,China Chamber of International Commerce Henan Chamber of Commerce Cross-border E-commerce Industry CommitteeHangzhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Huizhou City CrossInternational e-commerce industry association,Linyi Cross-border E-Commerce Association,Zhengzhou E-Commerce Association,Haido E-commerce Club

Special cooperation units:Trend-leading meeting, seller’s home, AMZ123, trade bank all over the world

Specially invited organizer:Guangzhou Furniture ClubShaoxing Boda Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition introduction:

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair is a cross-border e-commerce fair organized to link Chinese manufacturing and global consumption, integrate the rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce ecological resources, and realize resource integration in the foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce and exhibition industries. , serving global trade and helping companies open up broader markets.The exhibition not only realizes the function of matching transactions, but also brings diverse platforms and full-chain services. Its value-added function is a differentiated advantage that other exhibitions of the same type do not have.With the theme of 'New Momentum for Foreign Trade·New Digital Future' and the positioning of 'Creating a national brand and platform for cross-border e-commerce to serve the innovative development of foreign trade', China Cross-border Trade Fair is committed to optimizing high-quality suppliers and cross-border e-commerce. cross-border e-commerce buyers and platform resources; upgrade high-end forums and activities to create the leading event in China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

Exhibition area distribution and exhibit categories (three major exhibition areas):


Cross-border e-commerce supplier exhibition area

Household daily consumer goods, 3C electronics and healthy living, gifts, stationery and cosmetics, shoes, clothing, textiles, bags, sports and outdoor categories, toys, maternal and infant pet products and comprehensive food, furniture and building materials, gardening hardware, lighting, automobile and motorcycle accessories.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service exhibition area

Cross-border e-commerce platform, information consulting, logistics and warehousing, operation management system, payment platform, digital marketing, insurance and taxation, financial investment, talent training, cross-border institutions, industrial design, etc.


Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, cross-border e-commerce industrial park


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