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There are new highlights in the event forum and exhibition hall icons - please check them out

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There are new highlights in the event forum and exhibition hall icons - please check them out

With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, China has a prominent need for a trade fair with supplier companies as the main participants and gathering the entire ecological chain of cross-border e-commerce.China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair)It came into being.

VI new new

Cross-border e-commerce 6p innovation power trade fair

Providing people and cargo yards brings price benefits

Cross-over meeting'Linking the entire cross-border river basin and jointly building a new e-commerce ecology'As the theme, it will be held at the Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fuzhou, China from March 18 to 20, 2020.

Exhibition hall picture 3.12

Exhibition hall map

Exhibition introduction

Name: China Cross-border E-commerce Fair (Cross-Border Fair)

Theme: Linking cross-border river basins and jointly building a new e-commerce ecosystem

Scale: 72,000 square meters

Time: March 18-20, 2021 (3 days)

Location: Fuzhou, China (Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center)

Exhibition advantages

Exhibition advantages

Range of exhibition

1 (2)

Home furnishings, dining and kitchen daily necessities:Household items, kitchen utensils, daily necessities, beauty and cosmetics, personal care, epidemic prevention and protection, pet supplies, oil paintings and picture frames, interior decorations, DIY products, indoor furniture, decorative materials, etc.

3 (2)

Gifts, premiums, stationery and creative products:Holiday supplies, holiday ornaments, handicrafts, promotional gifts, gift packaging, travel souvenirs, writing and drawing tools, office supplies, office equipment, cultural and creative products, etc.

5 (2)

Shoes, Clothing, Bags and Sports:Men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, underwear, bags, fashion shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, sandals and slippers, accessories, glasses, fitness clothing, sports and fitness products, curtains, home textiles, etc.


Hardware Tools Gardening Outdoor:Hardware tools, gardening supplies, outdoor furniture, garden equipment, barbecue equipment, small machinery, plumbing equipment, locks, anti-theft alarm products, car repair tools, etc.


3C digital electronics:Smart products, small household appliances, electronic displays, watches, personal electronic products, lighting products, kitchen appliances, massagers, home office products, digital entertainment products, audio, power products, electronic security, etc.


Toy maternal and infant products:Balls and inflatable toys, educational/educational toys and games, electronic toys, plush toys, mechanical toys, action toys, ride-on toys, cribs, cradle and baby bedding, stroller straps, gift sets, care products, etc. .


Automobile and motorcycle accessories:Automobile and motorcycle beauty care, interior accessories, consumable parts, vehicle electronics, seat cushions, floor mats, film products, etc.


Pet supplies:Pet clothing, nest mats, grooming and care, collars, leashes, pet homes, pet food, pet backpacks, toys, tableware, strollers, smart training products and sanitary products, etc.


Textile:Fabrics, home textiles, curtains, etc.


Great health care:Massage chairs and equipment, health care equipment, nursing equipment, etc.


Cross-border e-commerce platforms and supply chain service companies:Cross-border e-commerce marketing platform, information information, logistics and warehousing, operation management system, payment platform, digital marketing channels, cross-border e-commerce financial investment enterprises, talent training institutions, etc.

Whole industry chain series of activities

2021 'Silk Road E-commerce' International Cooperation Forum

Cross-border E-commerce Enterprise Growth Forum-Special Sharing Session for Major Partners

New opportunities for Walmart in North America

Newegg China Nuggets North America

China Cross-border E-commerce Financial Capital Summit Forum

China Cross-border Export E-commerce Industry Index Release Ceremony and Fujian Cross-border E-commerce Industry Matchmaking Conference

Cross-border DTC Brand Growth Forum

Cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse special summit forum

2021 Xiamen Yifeng Amazon platform operation and promotion dry information sharing

A new track for brands to go overseas, Amazon global store opening 2021 strategy sharing session

China Cross-border E-commerce Technology Conference

eTong Global Bay Attracts Attention--2021 eBay New Development Direction and Brand Seller Summit

Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export Annual Meeting

'Deepening trade digitization and cultivating new trade momentum' Fujian Seminar

Cross-border e-commerce talent training summit forum

Cross-border E-commerce Enterprise Growth Forum-Service Provider Sharing Session

Douyin e-commerce presentation

Cross-border Premium Products Live Festival

Exhibition purpose

Exhibition purpose


Co-organize new

Exhibiting suppliers (part)

Exhibiting suppliers (part)

Participation platform (part)

Participation platform (part)

Exhibitor service provider (some

Exhibitor service provider (part)

Participating capital parties (part)

Participating capital parties (part)

support association

support association



Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce

Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Directed by

Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce

Fuzhou Municipal People's Government

Fujian Association for International Friendly Contact

Support Units

Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone Fuzhou Area Management Committee

Fuzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau


China Cross-border E-commerce Fair Organizing Committee

【Execution unit】

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Tailite Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Guoco Law Firm

Zixun Information Technology

Zongteng Group

Haixi Business School

Xiamen Yifeng Business College


Fanding International Group

Cloud collection in the sky

Hengbang hatch trade

(Exhibition information will be updated until March 16, 2021, and will continue to be updated in the future)


Official public account
Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center No. 198, Nanjiangbin Avenue, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
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