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The next day’s activities will be exciting & the first spoilers for tomorrow’s events

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The next day’s activities will be exciting & the first spoilers for tomorrow’s events

On the second day of the 2023 China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair, the popularity continues to heat up and good shows are taking place in turn.Take itLet's review the exciting content of the second day's event. Tomorrow's event will be spoiled first. Those who are interested remember to save it. The last day will still be exciting!

SHEIN closed door matchmaking meeting

From 9:30 to 11:00 on March 19, SHEIN held a closed-door matchmaking meeting in Conference Room 107 of Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center.

In this event, we will introduce to you the development of SHEIN's global market, specific cooperation models, as well as the characteristics and requirements of each cooperation model, and the specific content of the OBM cooperation model. This is a new cooperation model launched by SHEIN for cross-border brand sellers. Merchants can Use your own brand to cooperate with SHEIN, and help more cross-border sellers to go overseas through the strong traffic exposure of the SHEIN platform.

TEMU closed door matchmaking meeting

From 11:20 to 12:30 on March 19, TEMU held a closed-door matchmaking meeting in Conference Room 107 of Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center.

Duoduo Cross-border Temu gathers new momentum for cross-border overseas expansion. As the industry's first choice to choose the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair, the 'Duoduo Cross-border Temu' platform is Pinduoduo's newly launched cross-border overseas business.This event will help suppliers and sellers understand how Temu can quickly gain a foothold in the convoluted U.S. market and quickly start cross-border business.

Main forum area

Duoduo cross-border Temu gathers cross-borderNew momentum for overseas expansion

March 19, 9:30-11:00 at the main forum in Hall 5District, Duoduo Cross-border Temu is Pinduoduo’s newly launched cross-border overseas business. Relying on the platform’s advantages in the domestic market, supply chain and e-commerce experience, it has quickly topped the APP Store download list since its launch, with cumulative downloads exceeding 10 million.In this event, we will explain to you how Temu can quickly gain a foothold in the convoluted U.S. market, how Chinese sellers can enter the Temu platform and quickly increase sales, and the direction of Temu's efforts in 23 years.

New driving forces for overseas expansion: LinkedIn and Wish, otto platform sharing

From 11:20 to 12:20 on March 19, in the main forum area of ​​Hall 5, this event brings together LinkedIn, wish, and OTTO to share the latest benefits of joining, analyze new opportunities for cross-border overseas expansion in 2023, and help participants develop beautiful businesses. European new battlefield.

Wish-South China Investment Promotion Manager Eric

LinkedIn China Marketing SolutionGeneral Manager of Solution Channel Business Hu QinshiOTTO Senior Business Development Manager Zhang Yue

New cross-border opportunities - One-China systemNetwork building session

From 13:00 to 14:30 on March 19, in the main forum area of ​​Hall 5, there are new cross-border opportunities. At this exhibition, Made in China Network will bring 2023 foreign trade industry market solutions.Read; through the interpretation of business opportunity category data, participants can grasp first-hand business opportunities, master refined operation strategies, and seize the target market.It also shares information from multiple aspects such as foreign trade situation, industry product selection and corporate strategies to help foreign traders break through across borders.

Forum area one

Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone launchedexhibition exchange conference

March 19, 9:30-12:00 at 8Theory of Hao GuanForum 1, in order to better integrate the relevant resources of the comprehensive pilot zones of the cross-border trade fair and jointly empower the cross-border transformation of traditional industries, the 'Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone Development Exchange Conference' event was specially held, and representatives from the comprehensive pilot zones were invited and related companies come to the event for experience sharing, on-site promotion and business docking, to help attract investment, introduce talents, incubate docking, team up to go overseas, and learn from excellent experience.

bring youPlay around with global cross-border (blue ocean))platform

March 19 12: 30-14:00 in Hall 8 Forum Area 1, cross-border overseas, the decisive platform!Cross-border e-commerce overseas platforms such as Cdiscount, Falabella, Baidu, Jiku, Coupang, etc. provide enterprises with one-stop cross-border overseas solutions. The platform covers major blue ocean markets in Latin America, Central Europe, East Asia, and Africa, assisting cross-border e-commerce. Business enterprises set sail to the sea and reach the world. The platform brings various benefits and policies to enterprises to obtain blue ocean business opportunities.

Cdiscount Marketing Manager Ceilia
KiKUU investment manager Linda

Baidu International MediaGo Senior Business Manager Zhang Tianyue Phoebe

Teresa Tang An, Coupang Cool Peng Merchant Recruitment and Channel Manager

Falabella Marketing Manager Cherry Chen

'Wisdom reaches the world, sincerity reaches the world'

Seller's Home Cross-border E-commerce Trend Forum and Annual Logistics Overseas Warehouse Selection

On March 19, 14:30-17:00, in the forum area of ​​Hall 8, facing the tightening of the platform?Overstocked inventory?Freight prices soaring?Supply chain imbalance?Increase revenue but not profit?Where should we go from here?As a one-stop information and service platform for cross-border e-commerce, Sellers Home has settled in more than 350 cross-border e-commerce service brands.The holding of the forum event invited platform parties, sellers, and service provider partners to communicate on the stage, let us find the 'rabbit' strategy for the big show, and explore new directions for making a comeback against the wind!

Forum Area 2

New look Be in the spotlight

eBay 2023 New Opportunities Special Forum

3From 9:30 to 12:30 on September 19th, in the second area of ​​the forum in Hall 6, eBay, the global e-commerce pioneer, delivered the platform’s latest 23-year strategy through this special forum.Business policy support and in-depth analysis of key categories such as fashion, home furnishings, auto parts/industrial products, and collectibles help sellers grasp new trends in going overseas.At the same time, it provides enterprises/factories with fast entry channels, connects logistics, payment and other service resources, and provides the most detailed guidance and comprehensive support.

Win the battle 2023,Full link unlocking

Cross-border e-commerce platform traffic password

March 19, 13:30-15:30Hall 6 Forum Area 2, Pacvue is the world's leading e-commerce software solution provider.For allGlobal brands and sellers provide 'SaaS advertising software + e-commerce consulting operations' suitable for multiple e-commerce platforms such as Amazon/Wal-Mart, DSP&SD placement, off-site traffic drainage and other services. In this event, Parke E-commerce Greater China Deputy President Fred Nie came to the exhibition to bring data analysis, morphological characteristics, and opportunity point analysis of North American e-commerce platforms to help brands and sellers compete in North America!

Innovative trends, win-win future

2023 spanSummit Forum on Overseas Trends

March 19, 16:00-17:00, in Forum 2, Hall 6. In recent years, more and more domestic brands have chosen to go overseas and open up new overseas markets. Overseas, overseas brands face challenges other than being local leaders. The monopoly advantages of enterprises and the competition from many emerging enterprises.No matter where the destination is, 'brand power' is always the driving force for creating a strong enterprise and an accelerator for enterprises to continuously break through and innovate.This forum adheres to the goal of empowering the growth of cross-border brands and gathers many industry experts to discuss the new blue ocean of the industry.

The show continues to be exciting, and the activities on the last day are still exciting. Friends who are interested must not miss it!

Main forum area

Forum area one

Forum Area 2


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