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The last day was as exciting as ever, with nearly 50 activities ending perfectly

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The last day was as exciting as ever, with nearly 50 activities ending perfectly

This exhibition held nearly 30 industry events, which were full of useful information and very popular.Let’s review the activities held today and relive those wonderful moments!

You have fun with cross-border e-commerce

March 20, 9:00-12:30In the main forum area of ​​Hall 5, first-class supporting service providers for the cross-border e-commerce supply chain empower Xtron, Youle Overseas, Haibi E-commerce, Oracle Software, Xiamen Sulaimei Supply Chain, Azov Enterprise Management, Tradefull, Ping Pong Intelligent Technology, Big Forest Global Logistics, and Fujian Tingtaoke Technology provide enterprises with one-stop solutions to cross-border overseas issues, from technical software to operational services, from supply chain management to cross-border logistics, and from overseas warehouses to intellectual property rights. , a series of service provider promotion conferences will gather cross-border e-commerce service providers across the entire chain. High-quality service providers will allow viewers to obtain the latest industry information and experience one-stop overseas services.

Empower Li Zhixian, the manager of Xtron’s commercial department

Cassie, head of Youle’s overseas product line

Yan Jiakuo, data analyst at Haibi E-commerce Cross-border Operation Center

Oracle Software (ChineseChen Xi, Program Consultant of Alliance and Channel Department of China) Co., Ltd.

Yu Zhufan, General Manager of Xiamen Sulaimei Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

Tradefull APAC Senior BD Manager Paul Zhouzhou Jian

PingPong Fujian Regional Director Lan Yongqin

Forest XiamenRegional Business Leader Zhang Zuli

Product of Sola Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.Zoie, Card Protection Manager

Lin Zhen'e, Fujian Tingtaoke Technology Co., Ltd.

Break the situation and digGold Cross-border People’s Practical Combat

Amazon&TikTok incubationChemical operations specialist

March 20, 9:30-12:00, Forum 1, Hall 8, what new ideas do Amazon sellers have for product selection under the traffic pattern?How do new Amazon sellers generate explosive products and orders?Are there any new solutions for going overseas under the TikTok Shop ecosystem?There is no traffic in the new live broadcast room, how to cold start the delivery?The cross-trade fair joins hands with Hugo to invite cross-border sellers worth billions to the site to share new ideas for product selection with the audience, and bring detailed practical explanations of Amazon + TikTok operations to reveal the dividends and dilemmas of TikTok traffic!

Quality and effectiveness combinedGoing overseas wisely joins hands with Google to helpForce China’s independent manufacturing stations to go overseas

March 20, 12:00-12:20In the first area of ​​the forum in Hall 8, in recent years, independent websites have become a must for B2B foreign trade companies to go overseas. brought the interpretation of the 1+N traffic operation model of independent stations going overseas, the method of obtaining Google search traffic, and the products of independent stations going overseas. Unique solutions and case sharing of effectiveness and efficiency.

Pet industry going overseasTrend Seminar

March 20, 9:30-12:00 in Forum 2, Hall 6, as China’s pet product manufacturing continues to upgrade, Chinese pet product suppliers are looking foroverseas market.This event is based on the theme of 'pet industry crossesWith the theme of 'Environmental Ecology Conference - Pet Industry Overseas Market Analysis', special guests will be invited to deliver keynote speeches and interactions, and will host a cross-border roundtable meeting to dialogue with brand parties; a multilateral face-to-face communication and docking event, integrating high-quality products, brand resources, and brand services. Promote the effectiveness of participation in exhibitions and conferences.


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