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The first cross-trade series online business matchmaking meeting of the year (Special to Southeast Asia) was successfully held!

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The first cross-trade series online business matchmaking meeting of the year (Special to Southeast Asia) was successfully held!

The organizer of China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair has always been committed to finding channels for manufacturers and sources of goods for sellers. Before the exhibition, it carefully launched the 'Online Supply and Procurement Business Matchmaking Conference' supporting activities to actively expand global business in a B2B model. Supply and procurement docking activities.The organizer strongly invites overseas purchasers and high-quality cross-trade exhibitors to accurately match the purchasers' product needs and achieve cross-regional linkage. It aims to create a refreshing experience for exhibitors and overseas purchasers and promote an efficient global Trade exchanges.

The organizers of the cross-trade fair have carried out many domestic online business matching meetings before, and this first online business matching meeting of the new year has gone abroad and gone global.With the theme of 'Southeast Asia - China, B2B Precision Online Supply and Purchasing Trade Conference', we cooperated with E-comm universe to carry out this special matchmaking, attracted a full 243 sellers from Southeast Asia to sign up.Products at the conference include shoes and clothing, sporting goods, consumer products, 3C electronics, home furnishings, maternal and infant toys and other products of concern to the Southeast Asian market.

China - Southeast Asia

Exploring the cross-border e-commerce blue ocean market

Now that the era of cross-border e-commerce is coming, the European and American markets are oversaturated and competition is already very fierce. As the Southeast Asian e-commerce market is in its dividend period, it is recognized by the industry that it will become the fastest growing market of tomorrow.According to statistics, from 2015 to 2025, the e-commerce market size of Southeast Asian countries will achieve ultra-high growth.For both suppliers and buyers, competition for the Southeast Asian market is imminent.

The first online matchmaking meeting of the year

Strong demand from both suppliers and buyers

During the two-hour formal docking session, the event host accurately matched the supply and procurement needs of buyers and sellers, and provided online real-time consecutive interpretation services, providing a platform and on-site services for companies to carry out trade negotiations.

Taizhou Meichang Glasses Co., Ltd., Shishi Sailis Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Fuqing Shengde Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Kupao Clothing Co., Ltd., Changzhou Changzhou Lideng Furniture Co., Ltd., Lida Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Eight high-quality exhibitors at the cross-trade fair, including Shenzhen Macron Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Hanibei Children's Products Co., Ltd., took turns online on the zoom platform. Within 15 minutes, they used specific products as examples to promote and promote their respective companies' representative high-end and original products. Produced and high-quality products, such as patented glasses, yoga mats, baby products, sportswear, etc., and answered relevant questions raised by sellers accordingly.

After the meeting, overseas sellers can add the buyers’ WhatsApp or WeChat numbers according to their own needs to further connect with them in depth.

In addition, the video account 'Cross-border Liangjie Selection' also broadcast live this online business matching meeting, recording the entire negotiation dialogue between the supply and purchase parties, attracting more than 400 viewers to watch online.

After the meeting, both suppliers and buyers expressed:

Mr. Liu of Taizhou Meichang Optical Co., Ltd. said that the buyers he received this time were very professional and very familiar with the relevant information of the cross-border e-commerce industry, and he looked forward to in-depth discussions and cooperation with them in the future.

Ms. Zhao, the representative of Shenzhen Macron Technology Co., Ltd., also affirmed the professionalism of the buyers and thanked the organizer for the invitation. The host's matchmaking allowed them to communicate more directly face-to-face with the sellers. For this article The effect of this matching activity is still very satisfactory.

Manager Yang, the representative of Quanzhou Kupao Clothing Co., Ltd., said: This online business matching meeting was very successful. We hope that we can successfully conclude transactions in the future. We also hope that the organizers of cross-trade fairs can hold more such matching activities in the future.

This China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair series of online business matching sessions not only helps major suppliers understand the latest foreign market trends and production directions, but also builds a platform for overseas buyers to reduce procurement costs and gain an in-depth understanding of domestic industry conditions. Establish the possibility of long-term purchasing cooperation in the future.In the future, the cross-trade fair will continue to innovate, hold more precise online supply and purchase business matching sessions, bring more benefits to both suppliers and purchasers, and release more relevant activities and information. Suppliers and sellers are welcome to continue to pay attention.


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