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'Integration, win-win and common progress' National Cross-border E-commerce Industry Association exchange and sharing meeting was held in Fuzhou

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'Integration, win-win and common progress' National Cross-border E-commerce Industry Association exchange and sharing meeting was held in Fuzhou

On the afternoon of March 18, the 'Integration and Win-win Progress' - National Cross-border E-commerce Industry Business Association exchange and sharing meeting was held at the Minjiang Century Jinyuan Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel in Fuzhou.This exchange meeting is a supporting theme event for the 2023 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair, organized by the China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair, Fujian Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Association, Fuzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, and Xiamen Cross-Border E-CommerceJointly organized by the Association and Quanzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association.This exchange meeting invited more than 40 cross-border e-commerce industry associations across the country, respectively from East China, South China, Central China, Southwest and Northwest China.Representatives from all over the country gathered together to talk about their experiences, seek cooperation and make suggestions.

Deng Hai, Secretary General of Fuzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, hosted the exchange meeting.Deng Hai pointed out that this exchange meeting aims to give full play to the promotional role of the association, rely on the resource advantages of each region, jointly expand and strengthen the cross-border e-commerce industry cluster, improve the upstream and downstream industrial chains, break development bottlenecks, and achieve complementary advantages between cities , win-win for all parties.

Chen Danfeng, representative of the Organizing Committee of China International Trade Fair and executive vice president of Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, said that it was a great honor for Jian to take advantage of the opportunity of holding this China International Trade Fair.We welcome and thank the representatives of the business associations for their enthusiastic participation in co-hosting this exchange meeting. We believe that through this exchange and interaction, we will be able to enhance mutual friendship, increase the temperature of cooperation, and achieve greater development.

At the meeting, Li Cong, executive director of the Fujian Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Association, emphasized the need to go deep into the industrial belt and further integrate advantageous industries.resources to help your business thrive.Jiang Feng, President of the Fuzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, expressed to the participants the vision of working together to achieve win-win results.Quanzhou Cross-Border E-Commerce Association and Xiamen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association expressed their intention to further create the existing cooperative atmosphere of associations across Fujian, actively gather industrial resources, and jointly expand the 'circle of friends' at home and abroad.The Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export who attended the meeting introduced the development of the Haisi Cross-border New Retail Industrial Park.

Representatives of various associations who came to Rong to participate in the China Cross-Trade Fair spoke enthusiastically based on the actual situation of their respective business associations, talking about planning, discussing changes, and seeking development, and held discussions around geographical environment resources, product promotion, project recruitment, and talent introduction. Warm atmosphere.Associations from cities where cross-border e-commerce has just started to take advantage of the rare opportunity of participating in leading industry exhibitions to humbly learn from their peers in advanced cities in terms of industry support, development of specialty industries, and helping local specialty products go overseas.

In his summary, Deng Hai pointed out that it is necessary to give full play to the active role of business associations, create a good ecological 'fish tank', fully and timely understand the current status and difficulties of the industry, improve factor protection, establish a sound and sound development environment, and jointly draw a 'integrated, comprehensive, and sound' development environment. A wonderful picture of 'win-win and common progress'.

this timeThe exchange meeting enhanced the feeling of unity and mutual help among the national industry business associations as a family. In the future, they will learn from each other's strengths and complement each other's weaknesses, promote more cooperation opportunities, and achieve win-win cooperation.


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