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Grab a quick look at the event, more exciting events are waiting for you

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Grab a quick look at the event, more exciting events are waiting for you

Four major forums

Nearly 30 supporting activities were held in turn

China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Opening Ceremony

and China Cross-border E-commerce 'Logistics + Finance' Summit Forum

Activity time:March 18, 2023 9:30-12:00

The opening ceremony of the China Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair and the China Cross-Border E-Commerce 'Logistics + Finance' Summit Forum focused on logistics and finance, empowering the industry, and gathering the world's top famous companies to visit the district for inspection and negotiation.The forum plans to invite representatives from the logistics industry and financial institutions to jointly discuss how to reduce costs and solve difficulties for cross-border e-commerce companies in 2023, put forward innovative ideas and measures from the perspectives of their respective industries, and guide the direction of the exhibition.Deloitte China was invited to participate and announce the 'Top 30 Leaders of Cross-border E-commerce in 2023' selected by Deloitte China to commend outstanding enterprises in the field of cross-border e-commerce export and create benchmarks and role models for the industry.

Digital empowerment enables domestic products to go overseas——

Full analysis of 2023 DTC brand’s practical strategies for overseas expansion

Activity time:March 19, 2023 14:40-16:35

Domestic products are going to sea and the sail is setting sail.DTC independent stations have become a powerful vessel for independent brands to sail against the current of the global economic recession.Fight for crossing!Fight for crossing!Breaking through the cold wave and growing against the trend, going overseas for DTC brands has become the key for sellers to break through.This event will be aimed at novices and sellers in the initial stage of independent websites, focusing on one-stop solutions, from market analysis to product selection and case analysis to a series of pitfall avoidance guides for independent websites, to payment and logistics for independent websites. Linked to each other, answer questions and resolve doubts.Use digital empowerment to help Chinese sellers go global with one-stop brands.

Gather momentum and set sail for a new journey

2023 Fupin Global Opportunities cumFujian Industrial Belt Amazon Cross-Border Summit Forum

Activity time:March 18, 2023 13:55-16:30

Gathering momentum to set sail for a new journey, the 2023 Fupin Global Opportunities and Fujian Industrial Belt Amazon Cross-Border Summit Forum will be jointly hosted by Amazon Global Store and the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair, bringing you global cross-border e-commerce trend sharing, in-depth Analyze the characteristics of Fujian's industrial belt and help you explore new cross-border opportunities for Fupin.Amazon Global Store and China Cross-border Trade Fair invite well-known Fujian sellers to give advice on confusions and problems encountered in cross-border development of enterprises, share cross-border support policies, explore cross-border development ideas in 2023, and help new sellers expand global business opportunities and create a global world A new brand landscape!

Temu closed door matchmaking

Activity time:March 19, 2023 11:20-12:30

Duoduo Cross-border Temu gathers new momentum for cross-border overseas expansion. As the industry's first choice for the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair, the 'Duoduo Cross-border Temu' platform is Pinduoduo's newly launched cross-border overseas business.At this exhibition, the 'TEMU closed-door matchmaking event' will be held.This event will help suppliers and sellers understand how Temu can quickly gain a foothold in the convoluted U.S. market and quickly start cross-border business.

China's cross-border e-commerce market channel private seminar

Activity time:March 19, 2023 18:00-21:00

Event Location:Minjiang Century Jinyuan Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel Changsha Hall

This event is hosted by the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair. Guests include the TOP30 cross-border e-commerce leaders jointly selected by the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair and Deloitte, the TOP 10 self-media KOLs in the cross-border e-commerce industry, guests from the big selling clinic, and outstanding exhibitors Businesses, relying on industry resource advantages, accurately match high-quality groups for cross-border e-commerce market managers, discuss channel expansion experiences, share common high-quality channels, build market channels with low cost and high efficiency, build a win-win development platform for cooperation, and rapidly develop cross-border border market.


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