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China International Trade Fair joins hands with Amazon to open global store in Zhangzhou

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China International Trade Fair joins hands with Amazon to open global store in Zhangzhou

As the investment invitation work continues to advance vigorously, the influence of the China Cross-Trade Fair has further radiated and expanded, and local promotional activities have left footprints across the country. The 'single fire' has gradually become the 'power of a prairie fire'. The sound resounded across the country.

On January 11, the opening ceremony of the Zhangzhou Cross-border E-commerce (Digital Trade) Incubator Park and the first Zhangzhou Digital Economy Summit with the theme of 'Innovation·Drive·Enhancement-Zhangzhou Production·Global Sales' was held grandly.The 'Amazon's Trendy Industry Going Overseas' Industry Cross-Border Salon' jointly organized by the China Cross-border Trade Fair Organizing Committee and Amazon Global Stores was successfully held as one of the supporting activities.This event provides the latest policy interpretations, data analysis, brand suggestions, and operational ideas for participating export-oriented enterprises in the Zhangzhou watch and furniture and other industrial belts to conduct cross-border e-commerce business on Amazon, helping Zhangzhou local enterprises to better develop cross-border e-commerce businesses. overseas e-commerce business and develop overseas markets.The organizing team of the China International Trade Fair also came to the site to receive corporate consultations, and the response was enthusiastic.

The China Cross-border Trade Fair has the advantages of a strong supply chain and a complete industrial chain. It can provide more than 2,000 excellent source supply enterprise resources in 60 industrial zones across the country, as well as platforms, logistics, overseas warehouses, financing, and payments related to cross-border e-commerce. , talents, software and other entire industry chain sections to meet the diverse needs of enterprises in one stop.

From March 18 to 20, 2022, the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair will be held again at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center.Based on the success of the previous two sessions, the China Cross-Trade Fair has further intensified its online and offline promotion efforts, and the depth and breadth of publicity has also been targeted, striving to present the image of the China Cross-Trade Fair three-dimensionally and clearly.The organizing committee sincerely invites the industry to attend the China Cross-border Fair to discuss cross-border trends, focus on exporting high-quality domestic products overseas, and compete in the cross-border blue ocean at the same venue.


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