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China Cross-border Trade Fair enters Shishi Cross-border Product Selection Matchmaking Conference

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China Cross-border Trade Fair enters Shishi Cross-border Product Selection Matchmaking Conference

On March 20, 'China Cross-border Trade Fair Enters Shishi Cross-Border Product Selection Matchmaking Conference' was held at the Shishi Cross-border E-commerce Public Service Center. The event was based on Shishi's key industrial belt, and through project recommendations, exhibit exchanges, and on-site factory visits In the form of helping Shishi enterprises to develop markets through multiple channels and explore new cross-border industry models.

This event is guided by Quanzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau, Shishi Municipal Commerce Bureau, Shishi Industrial Information and Technology Bureau, hosted by Shishi Industrial Investment Development Group, Shishi Cross-border E-commerce Operation Co., Ltd., Shishi Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Organized by Guomao Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

'Where to find good products from the source?''Just come to Shishi!'In 2023, the China Cross-Trade Fair Organizing Committee will strictly control the quality, link up with the national high-quality industrial belts including the Shishi Industrial Belt, and draw from the 100,000 seller group 64 buyers were selected to enter the Shishi Industrial Belt, where they looked for business opportunities while having an in-depth understanding of the Shishi business atmosphere. They also conducted in-depth exchanges with 40 Shishi suppliers to explore cooperation opportunities.The event provided an opportunity for Shishi enterprises to 'accurately connect at doorsteps.'

At the event, the relevant person in charge of the Shishi Municipal Commerce Bureau first welcomed the buyers from all over the world, and explained Shishi’s unique location advantages, superimposed policy advantages and solid cooperation advantages, and helped enterprises to relieve difficulties by holding procurement matchmaking meetings. , build a communication bridge between Shishi factories and cross-border e-commerce sellers in various places, and pave the way for Shishi manufacturing to 'go overseas'.'In the next step, our city will also hold other overseas market matchmaking meetings to promote the high-quality development of the foreign trade industry.' The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commerce Bureau introduced.Subsequently, the representative of Shishi Cross-border E-commerce Operation Co., Ltd. introduced in detail to the enterprises present the achievements and plans of Shishi Cross-border E-commerce Public Service Center in the development of Shishi industry since its opening, which won praise from the guests at the scene.Regarding the docking categories of the event arrangement, representatives from the Shishi Textile and Garment Industry Alliance and the Shishi Food Industry Association provided more cooperation opportunities for on-site purchasers.

Industrial belt inspection

Industrial Belt Inspection-Challenge Wolf

Industrial Belt Inspection-Hongyi Food

Industrial Belt Inspection-Tianle Food

This event received rave reviews from suppliers.'In the past, our company spent hundreds of thousands on exhibitions to find customers. Now the government helps us bring customers to our doorstep, which really saves time, effort and money.' Xu Zeshan, the person in charge of Shishi Wenfeng Clothing Trading Co., Ltd. said frequently like.

Zhong Baoshan, the person in charge of Shishi BAK Bentley Clothing Co., Ltd., was even more happy.'All the samples brought here today have been sold out. The samples alone were sold for thousands of yuan on site. Many buyers have added me, and there are already more than a dozen buyers in the process of making connections.' Zhong Baoshan couldn't hide his excitement, According to reporters, a customer who communicated relatively smoothly at the matchmaking meeting has basically finalized the cooperation and will probably place an order for 5,000 pairs of pants.

Many buyers have said that the establishment of the platform and the arrangement of on-site factory visits have provided buyers from all over the world with an opportunity to directly contact Shishi’s local high-quality food and textile and clothing supply chain, obtain the latest industry trends, and have discussed the matter one after another. Negotiate a cooperative relationship.

This matchmaking meeting attracted a total of 40 companies and manufacturers from our city to participate.During the event, the stone lion sellers received constant praise, and buyers from all over the country also gained a lot, achieving a win-win situation.


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